Coinbase Login- Now better known as "Advanced Trade" on Coinbase 

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For enjoying professional-level crypto trading, one must choose a platform that has such features pre-equipped it. In case you are also looking for such a platform, then you can enjoy all these professional-level trading features in Coinbase Pro.

Coinbase Login- Now better known as "Advanced Trade" on Coinbase 

For enjoying professional-level crypto trading, one must choose a platform that has such features pre-equipped it. In case you are also looking for such a platform, then you can enjoy all these professional-level trading features in Coinbase Pro.

Well, this platform is owned by Coinbase Global, which itself is a known and reliable platform. Due to its popularity, a lot of people are showing interest in using it. And yes, after creating your own Coinbase Login credentials, you will be able to explore a lot of other features that are only available to users once they set up their accounts.

Don't you know how to get started on Coinbase Pro? Well, don't worry, we are here to guide you with all the essential steps that are required for getting started on the platform.

But, before I tell you that, I want you to be well-versed with the features or we can say "the key takeaways" of the platform.

Why should you choose Coinbase Pro?

Before you make a quick decision about using the platform and start to set up your Coinbase Login profile, make sure that you know what you are supposed to get from the platform:

    • This is one of the most trustworthy platforms around the globe that support a huge collection of crypto assets
    • It has different unique and versatile ways through which you can make an investment
    • Apart from that, the platform is specifically designed by keeping in mind the traders who take part in crypto trading actively
    • If you are someone who involves in trading a higher volume of crypto assets, then you will be charged a lower fee for the same
    • User security is their prime responsibility- this is the reason why they offer a variety of options to let you safeguard your accounts

Now that you have understood why should you choose Coinbase Pro when there are several other options as well, it is now time to decide if you are comfortable trading on this platform or not. But, even before you start setting up your account, I would like you to know one very important thing- Coinbase Pro is shutting down. Want to know more about it? Refer to the details given below.

Is Coinbase Pro shutting down?

Yes, the platform is shutting down- but, there is definitely nothing to worry about it. You will be able to use all the features and functionalities of Coinbase Pro only on the official website of Coinbase. Once you reach there, you will be able to use the platform's features through the "Advanced Trading" section.

Another question that might creep into your mind could be what would happen to my funds. Well, the answer to this question is pretty straightforward. All the funds from your Coinbase Login profile would automatically be available for use in the advanced trade section. In case those funds don't get transferred automatically, then you can do it manually by navigating to the "Portfolio" section.

Now, with that understood, let me show you the pathway to create a new Coinbase pro account.

Signing up for a Coinbase Pro account 

To create a Coinbase Login profile, here is what you need to do:

    1. First of all, you need to go to the Coinbase Pro platform-
    2. After this, you can hit the "Get Started" button at the top of the page
    3. A new message would pop up on your screen on which you need to click on the "Go to Advanced Trade" button
    4. This shall open the Coinbase Advanced Trade page on your screen where you need to click on the "Advance Now" option
    5. After this, you need to set up your profile by feeding your first name, last name, and email address, along with a new Coinbase Login password
    6. Tick the box that certifies that you agree to the given terms and hit that "Create Free Account" button
    7. Once you are done with that, you need to verify your email address, and phone number, and then you need to verify your identity as well

After you are done with the verification process, you can probably set up a new payment method with it and then you can start to trade crypto assets through it. However, to start the trading process, you can follow the steps given below to learn to log in and access your account.

Coinbase Login- The guiding steps to access your account 

    1. First of all, use your web browser to navigate to website
    2. Here, you can click on the "Sign In" button at the top of the page
    3. When the Coinbase Login screen opens, enter your email address
    4. And then, enter the password of your account and click the "SIGN IN"

This way you can easily access your Coinbase Pro account. If you are facing any kind of difficulty while accessing your account or you are seeing an error message on the screen, then you can try out some easy troubleshooting steps.

Ways to fix Coinbase Login issues 

There are some definite ways through which you can easily get rid of any issues that you might be facing with your Coinbase Pro account. So, have a look at these troubleshooting techniques:

    • Please check the login credentials of your Coinbase Pro account before you click the "SIGN In" button
    • In case that does not help, you can check the internet connection on your device or you may also clear your browser cache and cookies
    • Apart from that, if you are using Coinbase Pro through its app, then you can go ahead by installing the app updates on your device


We hope that the details we have furnished in the section above have helped you in getting started on the Coinbase Pro platform. For advanced trading, we suggest you use this platform because it has a variety of options that you can consider for professional trading.

But, to maintain the security of your account, you need to make sure that you enable two-factor authentication on your account along with creating strong Coinbase Login credentials.