3 reasons to consume more carbohydrates and calories at night

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Many people, especially those who are careful about their weight through special diets, usually declare themselves sworn enemies of calories and carbohydrates after lunch.

Many people, especially those who are careful about their weight through special diets, usually declare themselves sworn enemies of calories and carbohydrates after lunch.

It is a common belief that, when eating this type of food well into the afternoon, can produce negative effects on the body as an unwanted increase of fats in the body or difficulties in digestion. However, this may not be entirely true. Therefore, we explain 3 reasons that will change more than one you’re eating habits after nightfall, especially when talking about these food groups. Cortexi


3 reasons to consume carbohydrates at night

  1. We have a natural instinct for dining full meals

Man by nature feels an incredible need to eat very full meals at dinner ; This is a habit that exists since ancient times when the man occupied the day in activities related to survival and it was at night, in a safe refuge, where he could eat at ease all that he captured or gathered during the day.

In a study conducted in 2011 by the Obesity newspaper   , a study group was asked to consume their highest daily carbohydrates during dinner while a second group was designed a diet where they consumed these foods throughout the day. The result was a big difference in weight loss and belly by the first group compared to the second. The reason? The number of calories ingested by each one. Cortexi Reviews


  1. The body needs carbohydrates at night

The days have 24 hours in which we distribute our different activities, including meals; many try to stay away from full meals using the strategy of eating about 6 small meals during the day in contrast to the 3 classic strong meals that we have always consumed.

However, this can be counterproductive since combining this nutritional pattern with high performance exercise (especially if done at night) causes the body to replenish the burned energies using carbohydrate reserves and not muscle mass. It is also important to consider the 12-hour period that usually exists between dinner and breakfast where the body must generate energy, so it is important to give a good dose of nocturnal calories for this period of time. Cortexi customer report


If we keep the carbohydrate-rich foods for the night (such as sweet potatoes or brown rice) and leave the sweet fruits, rich in fiber for the day, it is possible to burn the body fat efficiently and consistently.

  1. The psychology of appetite

As we mentioned before, many of the desire patterns related to appetite are linked to the habits of ancient man. A clear example is the need to eat in large quantities when we feel safe. This feeling is related to the home, since that is where we can relax and prepare properly for the activities we will face the next day, just as in the past.

It is for this reason that it is easier for the human being to make small meals during a day full of different tasks and then have a great dinner as a reward for the small diet that has been imposed during the day, generating a positive effect on the psychological level in person.

However, it is common that after consuming complete meals in large quantities, people feel the need to stop rest and sleep to better process food. This happens because eating releases serotonin in the brain, which generates a sense of well-being accompanied by an almost uncontrollable desire to sleep.

For this reason it is advisable to leave heavy meals for a couple of hours before sleep, so that the dream is pleasant and deep. To achieve this effect it is recommended to consume fruits, vegetables or even nuts during the day, leaving foods rich in protein and carbohydrates for the comfort of home.


These three little tips can have a great impact when it comes to building an ideal diet for a fast pace of life that includes simple exercise routines or an accelerated pace of life; It is always important to consider the human instincts when making the daily meal plan, taking into account the figures such as the hours in which the food is consumed as well as the net amounts of carbohydrates and proteins. Finally, managing the psychology of the appetite is crucial to ensure that the diet is beneficial to the body and mind.