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"Does the third young master suspect that Lin Ji Inn will be the cook of the third and fourth order spirit animals

Lin Dong twisted his neck. Fortunately, it's not a lifetime. Just about to continue practicing, the sound of tuk tuk sounded, and Ma Chun's voice came from outside the door: "Shopkeeper, all the invitations have been sent out.". If there is no accident, tomorrow, we should be able to give Fenglin Restaurant a surprise. With a happy look on his face, Lin Dong hesitated for a moment and ordered, "Check the second floor, the third floor and the kitchen. Don't make any mistakes tonight." "Understand," Ma Chun replied in a loud voice. Lin Dong stretched out his index finger and middle finger and tried to pull them left and right, as if they were hanging the nose of Fenglin Restaurant. One side, Yun Lan endure not handsome, Lin Dong this action, slightly strange. Chapter 263 of the main text prepare more vigorous beef balls. Chapter 263 prepare more vigorous beef balls. Early in the morning, birds fly across the sky, looking up, like a free little black spot, swimming in the sky. Not long after the door panels were taken down, a middle-aged rich gentleman with a big belly and gorgeous clothes got out of the carriage and strode in. Boss Yang. Ma Chun saw on his face that this man was Yang Furen, the owner of the largest pawnshop in Qiufeng City. He greeted him with a smile and said respectfully, "Please come inside." The middle-aged rich gentleman nodded slightly,Magnesium Sulphate price, glanced at the lobby, and found that Lin Dong, who was sitting at the counter, got up and handed his hand, nodded, and walked up the stairs under the guidance of Ma Chun. Lin Dong sat down again, but whenever he saw a guest coming to the door, whether it was a super big family or a big family,Magnesium Oxide price, or an ordinary diner, he would get up and hand over his hand with a big smile on his face. When you meet someone who is polite, you can say a few words. In the morning, Lin Dong's face was a little stiff, and the real peak had just arrived. The Lin Chi Inn announced the cancellation of the admission fee for the box on the third floor and the 15 dining tables on the second floor. It added 16 well-known signature dishes of the Autumn Wind City at one go, and introduced 23 kinds of three-level and four-level spirit animal materials. Except for the first floor and the second floor, which are still 40% off and 50% off, all the remaining tables and boxes on the third floor are changed to 20% off and 30% off, but there are no free beef balls, and they are only limited to three days. Lin Ji Inn, once again entered the ranks of the loss. And this series of overwhelming actions shocked almost all the big families in the city to rush to Lin Ji Inn, and even shocked Ling Zhengyang to jump up from the recliner, and his stunned eyes did not change for a long time. Green pear lion head, iron plate roast sheep, braised duck tongue.. How can these dishes go to Lin Ji Inn? The third and fourth order spirit animal spirit material, where did Lin Ji Inn find the chef? Ling Zhengyang felt that he was going crazy, Magnesium Oxide powder ,Magnesium Oxide price, the major restaurants did not see a sign of retreat enough to make people upset, Lin Ji Inn how suddenly the whole out of such a big news. As early as a few days ago, Ling Zhengyang faintly felt that Lin Dong must have a back hand, there must be other means. But he never thought that this back hand, this means, would be so violent. This is to compete with Fenglin Restaurant for more than ten high-rollers at each table. This is to compete with Fenglin Restaurant for the position of the number one restaurant in Qiufeng City. The ambition of shopkeeper Lin is beyond imagination. More than ten days ago, he was forced to reduce the price to solicit customers, but now, he is actually grabbing more business in turn. Can he eat? Without waiting for Jiang Youcai to answer, Ling Zhengyang roared. Jiang Youcai said with a wry smile, "Third Young Master, calm down. Although I don't know where the Lin Ji Inn has hired a cook who can cook third-order and fourth-order spiritual materials, the signature dishes of their inn are all from major restaurants.". If I guess right, it should be the cooks of the major restaurants who can cook the signature dishes who went to the Lin Ji Inn together, intending to join hands to fight back against our Fenglin Restaurant. Seeing that Ling Zhengyang was about to break out again, Jiang Youcai had to remind him again: "Third Young Master, calm down. No matter what ability Lin Dong has, you are the third young master of Fenglin Restaurant. Not to mention a small city of autumn wind, you are equally skillful in the capital where the old crafty tyrant runs amuck." Ling Zhengyang took a deep breath, the capital of those crafty, difficult is difficult, but absolutely not like this, only a few days, actually the whole two earth-shaking counterattack. Fabricated false business association news, launched all the signature dishes of major restaurants in one breath, and even hit the idea of Fenglin Restaurant has been dominating the high-rollers. Compared with those who kill people without blood, this shopkeeper Lin is too radical, too sharp, originally, this kind of opponent is the best to deal with. But with two powerful counterattacks, Lin Ji Inn has a momentum of invincibility. Calm down, to calm down, otherwise, in a city lost, in this life, I am afraid I really have no face to see people. After taking a few more breaths, although there was still some confusion in his mind, Ling Zhengyang's thinking ability had recovered a little. Linji Inn has the signature dishes of the major restaurants. There is no doubt that the major restaurants have to lose their signature dishes. "Ling Zhengyang quickly paced in the yard, and suddenly stopped:" Send a waiter to inquire about whether the prices of the food and wine in the major restaurants have been adjusted. In addition, try to find out if there are any chefs in their restaurants who can cook signature dishes. " "Does the third young master suspect that Lin Ji Inn will be the cook of the third and fourth order spirit animals, and that he is also a member of the major restaurants?" Jiang Youcai wondered. Not doubt, but close to "Ling Zhengyang restored a little self-confidence.". Jiang Youcai was surprised and said, "How is this possible?"? The cooks who can cook the signature dishes and the cooks who can cook the three or four orders of spiritual materials and animals almost represent the top cooks in the major restaurants. How can Lin Ji Inn have so much capital to borrow from the major restaurants? Without these cooks, the strength of the major restaurants has fallen sharply. "Our estimate was wrong," said Ling Zhengyang coldly. "Lin Ji Inn is not selling the news of the commercial association to the major restaurants, but exchanging cooks with the major restaurants." Jiang Youcai was startled and said, "Lin Dong, how can you have such courage?"? This is hundreds of thousands of taels of silver, just borrow a few cooks? And only for a few months? Ling Zhengyang exhaled and did not answer. It is not surprising that courage is beyond expectation and courage is beyond expectation. Seeing Ling Zhengyang with such an expression,potassium sulphate fertilizer, Jiang Youcai had to withdraw from the backyard. Walking slowly to the recliner, Ling Zhengyang sat on it, leaning back and closing his eyes slightly.