Runescape Tears of Guthix minigame Overviews

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This Tears of Guthix mini-game is game you can play weekly in RuneScape to earn a bit of extra experience in your weakest level. To participate in the game, you must finish this Tears of Guthix quest. Juna retains the cup you make in the quest so that it is not necessary to recreate it or

In order to play the minigame, the player has to have finished The Tears of Guthix quest and earned at least 100,000 total experience points or one quest point from the time they last played it, unless they've never played it before. You can refer to through the Tears of Guthix entry in their Quest Journal to find out what number of days and the number of point of experience or quests are needed before they can play the minigame again. Players can talk to Juna to select whether or not they want to receive a chatbox message telling them they are eligible as soon as they are eligible.


Does Juna Do Anything Else?

Since she's a talkative serpent, players are often asked whether she's able to do anything in the game. Apart from playing a part in"Death to the Dorgeshuun" quest, she isn't much "Death To The Dorgeshuun" quest, in which you have to play the minigame to save one of your killed allies by crying and blood, she isn't able to do much else.


To take on the role in the quest, you will be able to take the body of Zanik (the slain dorgeshuun dwarf) down to meet Juna. Juna will ask you to take Zanik's cup and shed 20 tears in order to bring her back to life, and you will play the game in the same way as usual. It's a playthrough the mini-game in which you are collecting tears, however there is no gain in experiences and it's not included for your weekly playthrough for the actual game.


Juna is also part of the solution to the mysterious clue that is found through treasure hunts. The clue can be found on this page: Here, there are tears, but no one is crying. You can speak to the guardian. display your alignment the right balance.


To complete this clue for this clue, you must contact Juna wearing three things associated with Guthix. This could be Guthix rune armor or a Guthix the halo Guthix heraldic helm or any other item. You will mostly be able to find them along quests for treasures, and wearing any 3 items will be enough to complete the quest.


Tears Of Guthix FAQ

What can I do to improve My Learning Experience In Any Way?

Answer: In contrast to other items or games in which you are able to wear certain items or pieces of armor to increase your experience, there's nothing that you can put on to enhance the experience that you are taking away from your tears. The only way to upgrade the experience boost gained is to finish this Lumbridge Hard Diary, which comprises a number of tasks that you need to do in the vicinity of Lumbridge.

After you've completed those tasks, then you will be awarded various prizes. One of them is 10% increased experience from The Tears of Guthix minigame.


Questions: How can I Gain the Most Fun From The Minigame?

Answer: If you're looking to get the most amount of tears you can, you should be able to collect the highest number of quest points you can before entering the cave. Also, make sure to select a wall and stick with it, as most walls have two to three streams and not all of them will be green at the same time.

If you'd like to take your time and not have to run from wall to walls and more time collecting tears choose a wall, and shift from stream to instead of moving back and forth from wall to wall.

Additionally, the enjoyment you will get from the experience is going to be related to how long you spend in the caves. The time that you are in the cave is correlated with the amount of quest points you can gain available, which is why you should be sure you have enough quest points to make as much time as you can!


Question: How Do I Ensure That The Skills I'm Looking For Is The One That Earns The Level of XP?

Answer: It may seem absurd, since doesn't the least skilled skill not get the XP boost? It's true that sometimes two abilities are at odds and you might get involved in an activity that boosts the skill you want up. Thus, your weekly chance to play the minigame , and your weekly boost in XP go down the drain all because you decided to mine when you got into the caverns.

Therefore, make sure you're checking your skill levels and your XP levels that you've earned in these skills prior to entering the caves. The requirements for which skills earn you XP are fairly easy to follow , yet they are extremely difficult to learn. Plus, they are very simple to forget until you're deep in the caves.

Another thing to do is avoid doing any activity associated with the skill you want to increase at a set period of. For instance, if you think you'd like to participate in Tears of Guthix to improve your mining abilities, and when you are at your lowest skill, don't mine or engage in any mining-related activities until you have completed the minigame.


When the time limit is over, the player will exit the minigame and drink the tears they've collected giving them experience at their lowest skill based on the number of tears that they've collected. The amount of experience per tear increases as the player's experience increases. It's 10 experience per tear if their lowest level is, or 26.6 hours of experience when their lowest level is 20, with a maximum of 60 experience per tear at level 30. Players will get 10percent more experience when they've finished the Lumbridge hard diary.


If the player has multiple skills of an identical level then the reward is given to the one which has the lowest time. If both skills are of equal experience, the reward will be given to the skill listed first on the Stats tab (from left to right). In the case of example, if the player has zero experiences in Fletching and Hunter and Fletching, the experience will go to Fletching.


The knowledge gained from Tears Of Guthix does not count towards Construction, Herblore, or Runecraft skills until the player gains access to these skills by buying a house from an Estate agent following the Druidic Ritual quest, or finishing the Rune Mysteries quest, respectively.