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Vibratory Sand Screening Machine Vibro Motor Type: This semi automatic machine with a vibratory motor, driven by a 1.5 HP 3 Phase motor that produces up to 1440 Rotations Per Minute, is 5 ft long, 3 ft wide and 4 ft to 4.5 ft high.

Sun Industries brings to you a wide range of construction work machinery that is designed to meet the requirements of the rapidly changing construction industry. One such machinery that we offer for sale is a Sand Screening Machine.


Sand is filtered to be used in building projects using the Vibratory Sand Screening Machine Dual Vibro Motor also popularly known as Sand Sieving Machine. Sand is placed through a vibrating mesh or screen, which allows finely powdered sand to be easily separated. Because moist sand is often the only sort of sand available for construction, the vibratory action is quite beneficial. A sand screening machine's job is to separate sand and stone which has been mixed thoroughly. They will be unable to proceed any further when the sand and stone merge. As a consequence, this machine will help operators do tasks that previously needed screening without the need of a physical screening method as this  mechanical operation which is driven by motor power, decreases the time taken to screen the sand.


These are five key advantages of employing a sand screening machine to screen materials at your plant.

  1. Cleanliness: Two issues have always been prevalent when handling critical raw material: one of these is operator protection due to product fragments' release into the environment, which is unpleasant for any personnel, and the other is substance pollution due to user interaction. Both of these issues are completely handled because of its sanitary and confined design.
  • Dust-free operation: Several food and pharmaceutical products, such as grain, sugar, condiments, medicinal powder, and so forth, must be manufactured and treated with extraordinary attention, as even minor contamination might have devastating results. Mostly during processing of these objects, dust-free performance is required, and with our material management screen's huge enclosed structure, achieving dust-free performance by recycling material is reasonably straightforward.
  • Easy to install: Our sand screen's construction is adjustable, and it may simply be incorporated into your current material processing systems.
  • Lower sound levels: In comparison to other screens on the marketplace, our screen offers a major advantage in terms of noise quality. The decibel level is less than 65.
  • Adding to all of the aforementioned benefits, there are many more hidden perks, like great efficiency and low energy consumption, no fractures for ease of cleaning, and cheap operating expenses.


Sand is an essential component of many construction projects; however, it must be free of unwanted materials, rock, and other large particles before usage, as it is typically delivered in a diverse set.

Similarly, various sizes of sand can be used at different stages of construction; for example, construction sand is coarse, but plastered sand is fine. As a consequence, sands should be screened adequately at different stages of implementation. Owing to which sand screening machines which are comfortable and easy to use, can be utilised to properly screen sand. We  all know, the traditional way of sorting sand is to utilize a hand-operated rectangular screen. There are a number of other designs to pick from, such as rotating sand screening devices and vibratory sand screening devices, to name a few.

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The crucial elements of a sand screening machine are the engine, pulleys, bearings, screen net,  and frame. Screening is a filtering method in which a material is denied passage via a slit or pipe that is smaller than the granules. The metal mesh strainer, also described as a sift/screen, is an instrument that utilizes a woven screen such as mesh, net, or metal to filter desired content from unwanted material or to describe the distribution of particle size of a specimen.

In this technique, a belt drive transmits the rotating action of a DC motor to a shaft equipped with a screen net. The drive shaft is secured to the framework by bearings. The sliders provide a uniform mixture of sand and stones to the screen net on the spinning shaft. Due to relative motion among grains and the spinning screen, the small fragments are conveyed through the mesh while the remaining particles fall on the other end.

Sand screening machines are constructed from the highest quality raw tools available. These Sand screening Machines have been used to sift sand at construction projects. These tools are appropriate both for residential and business usage. The screens used in this machine are inexpensive and easy to change.


  1. Sand Screening Machine Manual Rotary Type: This 6 ft long and 3 ft wide machine is operated manually. This machine has a front height of 3 5 ft to 4.5 ft and a ring size of 2.5 ft to 5 ft.


  1. Sand Screening Machine Electric Gear Rotary Type: This 6 ft long, 3 ft wide and 3.5 ft to 4.5 ft high machine is semi automatic in its operation and has a gear motor. The ring size of this machine is 2.5 ft to 5 ft and it is powered by a 2 HP Single Phase electric motor that produces up to 1440 Rotations Per Minute.


  1. Machine Accentric Type: This semi automatic machine is 5 ft long, 3 ft wide and 4 ft to 4.5 ft high. This machine produces vibrations of Accentric Type and is powered by a 2 HP 3 Phase and produces up to 1440 Rotations Per Minute.


  1. Vibratory Sand Screening Machine Vibro Motor Type: This semi automatic machine with a vibratory motor, driven by a 1.5 HP 3 Phase motor that produces up to 1440 Rotations Per Minute, is 5 ft long, 3 ft wide and 4 ft to 4.5 ft high. 

Our machines are made using high quality raw materials and are therefore durable and sturdy. They go through professional checks to ensure their quality. Our Sand screening machine would make your work of filtering sand easier and quicker. So if you are still stuck with the conventional method of screening the sand in your construction site, switch to a sand screening machine by contacting Sun Industries right away!

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