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Four Wheel Trolley: A four-wheel trolley has a length of three feet, a width of five feet, and a height of eighteen inches.It is fitted with four wheels which are either scooter type tyre or a solid rubber type tyre for easy movement.

We at Sun Industries believe that mechanisation of construction work increases productivity, reduces time and increases the output efficiency, so we bring to you a wide range of construction equipment that are quality checked to improve the productivity of your construction work. One such machine we offer for sale is a material handling trolley.


For handling of materials, the trolley is commonly used to transport concrete blocks, sand, brick, rocks, as well as other building supplies such as concrete. The Four Wheel Trolley may be easily moved in any manner thanks to the wheels. Single wheel trolleys, two-wheel trolleys, four-wheel trolleys, and so on are only a few examples.

A single-wheel trolley is a tiny hand-propelled device with generally only one wheel that is meant to be driven and directed by a single individual utilizing two handles at the back, or by sails to move the traditional barrow by air.

A two-wheel trolley is significantly more stable on level terrain, but the more typical one-wheel trolley is more manageable in limited spaces, on platforms, in rivers, or where sloping terrain might put the load out of balance.The use of a single wheel also allows for better management of the load's placement once it has been emptied.

The four-wheel trolley is also known as a  hand trolley, sack barrow, cart, sack truck, or bag barrow, is an L-shaped crate wheelbarrow with grips at one side, wheels at the bottom, and a little bench to lay items on when the cart is erect.The mobile goods tends to lean forward, a ledge is located beneath them, and they are allowed to recline and lay on the platform. The vehicle and goods are then tipped backward till the weight is evenly distributed between the wheels, making ordinarily large and bulky items simpler to transport. It's a top-of-the-line lever.

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  • Promotes Ergonomics and Relieves Fatigue: Manual material handling is not only tiring and affects brief productivity; it is also a leading source of major accidents owing to inadequate ergonomics.  A trolley successfully eliminates the physically taxing aspects of carrying, allowing for a more ergonomic work environment and, as a result, increased employee performance and wellbeing.


  • Adaptable to a Wide Range of Workloads: With the correct equipment, your trolley may be customized for the ergonomic transfer of cartons, barrels, reels, crates, and other typical loads.
  • Minimize the Chance of an Accident: Using a trolley reduces the incidence of serious injuries caused by accidents, just as enhanced ergonomics will contribute to favorable protracted health consequences.


  • It Safeguards the Products Being Carried: Injury to the objects being handled and carried is common with material handling, which is both unpleasant and expensive. A trolley will safely carry and hold big and difficult goods, avoiding processes that may otherwise damage them.


  • Increased Efficiency: Material Handling trolleys are often beneficial assets from the perspective of the company. They will cut process times and improve efficiency in practically any logistic or production situation, whether used alone or in conjunction with other devices.


  •  Hygienic Benefits: In operations with severe hygienic standards, such as the agricultural, chemicals, or healthcare industries, trolleys can be customized for secure material handling. 


  • Remarkable Elasticity and Fluidity: When contrasted to huge trucks, a trolley's tiny and light structure makes it ideal for material handling in tight spaces with difficult-to-reach goods. Furthermore, when not being used, a trolley occupies a minimal room.


The material handling trolley is used for building, road construction, construction, and landscape designing in practically all nations on the planet.

On a regular basis, this is often used in building projects. A material handling trolley is a useful tool for easing the burden on your body. It may move supply, equipment, building supplies, and refuse into and out of the job site. The working of the material handle trolley is discussed below:

A single wheel or a two wheel trolley is multi-purpose equipment that is commonly used to transport large loads. The wheel and axle, as well as the lever, are two basic devices that serve to make the weight lighter and easier to move about. You are actually exerting force on the lever as you take up the cart handles and elevate them. The wheel(s) would begin to roll once force is applied towards the lever. The axle, on the other end, will enhance the pressure and make pushing the weight simpler. This allows the cart to transport greater loads and travel from a location to some other more effortlessly.

A four-wheel trolley can be categorised as a simple machine. It multiplies forces using the lever concept. As a result, one could raise a big load with less force than someone would need to lift the burden with one's own body. Once the weight has just been raised from the ground, the four-wheel trolley moves the weight on wheels to save time. A well-built four wheel trolley has a main grip that is folded in relation to the device's primary axis, allowing the user to exert force in the horizontal plane without disrupting the load.


  1. Single Wheel Barrow: A single wheel barrow is 30 inch long, 18 inch wide and 12 inch high. It is fitted with a single scooter type tyre or a solid rubber tyre as desired by the user.


  1. Double Wheel Barrow: This machine has a length of 30 inch, width of 18 inch and a height of 12 inch.It features two wheels, which is either made of a scooter tyre or a solid rubber.


  1. Four Wheel Trolley: A four-wheel trolley has a length of three feet, a width of five feet, and a height of eighteen inches.It is fitted with four wheels which are either scooter type tyre or a solid rubber type tyre for easy movement.

Our Material Handling Trolleys are made using high quality metals and have a super fine operation structure. So if you are still straining your back carrying loads to your construction site, switch to our material handling trolley and increase your productivity today!

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