Tips to increase Insta followers

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In today's world, Instagram has become a platform for earning money and business. If you want to use only traditional methods to earn money, you will definitely lose money and you should take Instagram seriously and use new methods along with the old methods. Use it to earn more. Her

In today's world, Instagram has become a platform for earning money and business. If you want to use only traditional methods to earn money, you will definitely lose money and you should take Instagram seriously and use new methods along with the old methods. Use it to earn more. Here, I am going to share with you the most important ways to increase Instagram followers, which are simple and do not require high costs.


Ways to increase Instagram followers


1. Making the profile more attractive

First of all, it is better to know that your Instagram profile is just like your shop window. If your shop window is not attractive, customers will run away. Instagram is an image-oriented social network, and the image plays the most important role in it.


You should produce attractive and creative images and publish them on your profile. So that your users are attracted to your profile at first glance and want to follow you faster. There are many attractive pages that are followed by people just because of their attractiveness.


But it is very important to make your profile more impressive with an attractive profile picture and a great bio.


Observing all these things will help make your profile more attractive and make every visitor eager to follow your page.


2. Holding a contest on Instagram posts

Running a contest is another great way to increase your Instagram followers and expand your reach.


Design a photo or an advertising post for a contest and then ask people to follow your page or like or comment on your photos in order to participate in the contest, that is, instead of buying likes (خرید لایک), you can use this simple method. And use creatively.


Add a UGC (User-Generated Content) element to the contest. UGC means encouraging followers to generate content for you.


Also, where people post a photo of themselves and use a specific hashtag along with following your account.


3. Getting help from your website to increase Instagram followers

If you have a website, there are many good ideas to increase your Instagram page followers (خرید فالوور با جبران ریزش). A website that has new visitors every day is the best place to advertise your Instagram page.


One of the ideas that you can use on your site is to place your Instagram banner and ID below all posts. By doing this, you have a better chance of attracting new followers. Because of course, many people may get to know your articles through Google, and in this case, seeing your attractive Instagram banner, they will be encouraged to visit your Instagram page at least once.


Try to put your Instagram address as one of the ways of communication on the about us and contact us page of your site. Because these two pages are among the most visited pages on any site.


From time to time, try to invite your users to follow your Instagram page through your site's email newsletter. A special offer, including discounts, is always necessary for users to respond positively to your invitation. So be sure to have a special offer for your users.


Maybe many members of your site have not followed your Instagram until now. By putting your Instagram in the signature of your sent emails, you can introduce your Instagram to them as one of the ways of communication.


4. Use comment marketing professionally

One of the best and newest ways to increase followers on Instagram is to use comment marketing ( خرید کامنت اینستاگرام ). This even increases sales in many cases. In this way, you attract followers by leaving professional comments under the posts related to your work.


To use this method, you must first find the posts related to your work that are published recently. It's very easy, just follow hashtags related to your business to find new posts related to your business. In this method, you should find posts where the owner of the page does not sell products. In fact, I mean to be a blogger and only teach.


For example, you are in the business of selling phones and you find a post that is about a buying guide or a review of one of the mobile brands. In this case, you can post a comment with the title "I am selling this phone at a good discount, just enter my page" of course, the opposite is also true. For example, under a post that introduces a phone for sale, you can write the guide for buying this phone is on my page, before buying, be sure to see the last post of my page.


5. Create highly shareable content

When it comes to attracting followers on Instagram, creating content that is highly shareable will speed up the process. Another way to attract followers on Instagram is to create content that is popular among users and that they share with their friends, colleagues, or family members. In this case, instead of fake followers ( فالوور فیک ), you can attract completely real followers. User-friendly and attractive contents that are useful for users by providing correct and efficient information. These posts quickly become viral and get explored. You can use this opportunity to bring more people with you.


6. Analyze the behavior of your users

Analyzing user behavior always improves the quality of your work. Whether you have a website or Instagram, you should always be aware of the shortcomings and needs of your users. Because by checking the behavior of your users, you will find out exactly what they are interested in and what they are looking for, and this will increase Instagram followers (خرید فالوور ایرانی).


Just as you can use tools such as Google Search Console or Google Analytics to analyze the site, Instagram has provided a tool called Insight to its business profiles, by using this tool you can easily find out that How interesting is the content you produce for your users? How far are you moving towards your goal? You can get information such as: the users who are currently following your page, are they male or female, at what age are they, at what time of the day your page is most visited and... and in In this direction, produce valuable content.


7. Use offline advertising

If you have a traditional business and use Instagram to advertise your business, it is definitely possible for you to use offline ads to increase your Instagram followers. For example, you can maneuver on advertising brochures or tracts. In this case, be sure to include the address of your Instagram page in your paper ads.


It is also very important to mention your Instagram address on your business card. These days, instead of putting the website on their business card, many people mostly use their Instagram address.


8. Publish challenging and viral posts

One of the most interactive posts on social networks, especially on Instagram, is publishing challenge posts. Of course, there are challenges in whatever field of work you are in. Try to publish posts that encourage users to interact with you, comment and participate in discussions.


One of the ways to interact with users is to ask them questions. Rest assured, people love to comment on challenging topics. Many people participate in the thread you created and may mention their other friends in your post.


Or they may even send your post directly to their other friends. And this will make your post go viral. You must have seen the posts that have a lot of views and likes in your Instagram explorer from time to time?


When your post goes around, you can be sure that it will spread like a virus among many users and get a lot of likes. This alone will make more people get to know your page.