Enjoy Traditional Festivals As You Study Japanese In Japan

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Study Japanese in Japan and experience outstanding festivals all year long. During every month the country offers visitors an incredible arrange of traditional shows and street celebrations so that you enjoy your stay.

During the third and fourth of February the Setsubun Festival takes place on every corner of Japan. Celebrate the beginning of spring by throwing beans to the air while chanting " In with fortune! Out with evil!". This ritual is supposed to bring good fortune for next year and prevent "evil" to come to one's 다시보기사이트 home. Sport events takes place in the different shrines of the country so that you watch local athletes as you study Japanese in Japan. It is believed that if you eat the number of beans as your age, you will enjoy good health.

During the third of March all Japan celebrates the Doll Festival. All families with daughters decorate hina ningyo dolls. As you learn Japanese in Japan you will see that all families offer rice cakes and fresh peaches to the dolls so as to assure a happy future for their daughters.

On April you will celebrate the Floral Festival. This fest is a memorial of Buddha's birth and inside every temple small statues and figures are decorated with flowers and placed around a baby Buddha sculpture. Study Japanese in Japan and watch as the baby statue is sparkled with holy water made of a particular tea.

Travel abroad to Japan in July and enjoy Tanabata Festival, also called the Star Celebration. Locals place bamboo branches on their gardens with poems and strips of coloured papers attached to them. Study Japanese in Japan and wait for the prediction to come true: when the stars Vega and Altair, that represent two lovers, get together for only one time in the year.

During July you can enjoy another festival. The O-Bon Celebration welcomes all the accentors' souls coming from the other world. As you study Japanese in Japan take part in this festivity and help appeasing the incoming souls. A Buddhist priest sings religious songs in front of the so called "Shelf of Souls" and a huge fire is place at the entrance of each city to receive ancestors.

Study Japanese in Japan and enjoy in November a special day when families are allowed to go into different shrines with their kids. In the Shichi-Go-San Day locals attend to their tutelary shrine to give thanks and ask for the healthy grow of their children. Study Japanese in Japan and watch how all the kids of the region get dressed up with their best clothes and take as offers sticks of white and red candy to every shrine.

If you come to study Japanese in Japan you will take part in many more rituals and festivals that are celebrated in each city in particular. As you study Japanese in Japan you will discover a unique culture with strong religious beliefs present in everyday life.