A Souk and the largest Retail Store of the UAE Together

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Although Salam Boutique is an trendy contemporary and lively store, Khan Murjan offers an older-fashioned environment.

One of the most popular tourist attractions among the top attractions in Wafi City is Wafi Mall. The massive mall opened in 2001 and has over 200 shops that offer a diverse variety of merchandise best desert safari dubai. The mall has added a few new stores which include Khan Murjan and Salam Boutique.


Salam Boutique is the single largest retail store within the United Arab Emirates with it's 10,000 square meters of space. The store is home to the top brands in the world and items across four departments. This includes women and men's clothing as well as accessories, fragrances, photographic accessories. The store also has restaurants, a spa and an exclusive children's section. Although Salam Boutique is an trendy contemporary and lively store, Khan Murjan offers an older-fashioned environment.


It is located in Khan Murjan is a souk located in Dubai accessible via Wafi Mall as well as Raffles Dubai which is a luxurious hotel in Dubai. The subterranean market is two levels and includes restaurants, artist's retreats as well as coffee shops, meeting and dining areas. The Khan Murjan in Dubai has more than 150 shops in the bazaar and its design is based on a wide variety from Islamic influences. In order to achieve this, various materials were brought in from different nations, including carved stone from Egypt and woodcarvings from Syria and hand-painted mosaic tile designs imported from Turkey.


This is why the Souk is divided into four quarters, which include four quarters: the Moroccan, Syrian, Egyptian and Turkish quarters. Each quarter is a visually pleasing experience as well as an atmosphere that is distinct to each quarter. One part of Khan Murjan features a beautiful glass mosaic ceiling that runs across the entire center. The inspiration for the stunning souk came from the first Khan Murjan that was built in Baghdad in the 14th century. It was used as an inn for travellers and traders.


In the middle in the market is an open-air restaurant in the courtyard, set against a background that is reminiscent of Wmawi Age architecture. The restaurant is adorned with an old-fashioned water wheel, that allows patrons to enjoy a traditional food with breads baked in kilns. Khan Murjan is a major landmark in the city of Dubai since its inception and is notable for its architecture and the bustling crowds, stores and artisans that are housed within the walls. The shops in the souk provide a variety of artworks by many of the Arab world's most famous artisans.