Chhatriwali Movie (2023) - Release Date, Cast and Story

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Chhatriwali Movie (2023) - A romantic comedy-drama movie that talks about an important message and worth watching.

Condoms and sex education are topics people get goosebumps just by repeatedly hearing. Bollywood often talks about issues about which there is an untold taboo in society. The movie Chhatriwali has been released on the OTT platform ZEE5. There are a few flaws here and there, but with all the humor and light-hearted moments, they can be somewhat overlooked.

The story takes place in Karnal city of Haryana. Sanya Dhingra is a chemistry graduate who is now bringing home tuition because she can't find a job. It all begins when Sanya starts working in a condom company. She checks the quality of condoms. She is ashamed to work, but the money is good, so there is no problem. She starts to understand that due to the lack of awareness in society about sex, what kind of challenges and problems girls have to face.

The movie rests entirely on the shoulders of Rakul Preet Singh. Rakul gets into the character of this educated, confident girl with such ease. Sumeet Vyas's personality is also charming and appealing. Rajesh Tailang is strict and shows the face of society to people well with his expressions. One good thing about this movie is that it does not paint anyone in the color of good or bad. Everyone is just people, some are doing right, and some are wrong. And wrongdoers are not always wrong people.

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