How sleeping is important for your sex Life

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Sleeping is the most important part of your life for physical and mental health. If you want to increase overall satisfaction with life you have to maintain a good relationship with sleep

If you are sleeping less than 5 hours it affects you and your partner's life and also increases anxiety and depression. According to studies, quality sleep is the most important part of development and maintenance of your healthy sex life. So, in the hustle and bustle of work , social obligations , raising children, housework, etc. all this causes sexsomania, most of the couples Ignore this fact. This is mostly found in men and women with sexual dysfunctions. 

Many couples suffer from sexsomnia due to lack of sex and sleep. 

What is sexsomania ? characterized as parasomnia , sexsomnia is a complex sleep disorder involving sexual behaviors during sleep. 

What are the signs of sexsomania? 

  1. Talking dirt 2) Masturbating 3) Engaging in sexual intercourse etc…

According to studies  the American academy of family physicians frequent sex causes an increase in the antibodies circulating in your bloodstream.

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