Pathaan Movie Review (2023) | Cast, Story and Budget

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Pathaan Movie Review - A spy thriller story of betrayal and revenge with mindless continuous action sequences.

Shahrukh Khan, called the King of Bollywood from Pathaan, has returned to the big screen after four years. SRK is pinning hopes on Pathaan for such success, as the last few years have been bad for his stardom.

Shah Rukh Khan has acted in a pure action movie for the first time. The story of Pathaan is after India removed 370 from Kashmir. Pakistan takes the help of a terrorist group named Outfit X and tries to destroy the country through a virus. A field agent named Pathaan is deployed when a dangerous terrorist group called Outfit X warns of an attack on India.

Sridhar Raghavan's story is straightforward, but the way he has layered it makes the movie more attractive. From time to time, information is given about the characters, which keeps the movie engaged for most of the time. The movie moves at a stormy pace till the interval, and later the graph of the movie comes down, which stabilizes in the climax.

Shah Rukh Khan has been fabulous in action sequences and has delighted fans with their action avatar. Deepika Padukone looks very glamorous in the movie. In the negative character, John Abraham leaves more impact with his looks and personality than acting. Pathaan has been shot in many countries, including Spain, Siberia, Dubai, Russia, and France. The movie has been shot in many countries, and Rs 250 crore has been spent, which is also visible.

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