Latest Mahindra 475 DI Price, Features, Specification, and Review 2023

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The Mahindra Tractor 475 DI XP Plus is one of the most powerful tractors in the Mahindra XP Plus Series. This tractor with multiple farm applications is classified as Under 50 HP.

In India, the Mahindra 475 DI XP Plus price ranges from INR 6.10 lakhs* to INR 6.82 lakhs*. The Mahindra 475 DI XP Plus tractor is a powerful machine that can help you increase productivity. The tractor has many outstanding features designed to meet the needs of farmers across India, regardless of the terrain. The Mahindra 475 DI XP Plus price is very reasonable, which makes the tractor even more appealing to farmers.

The Mahindra Tractor 475 DI XP Plus is one of the most powerful tractors in the Mahindra XP Plus Series. This tractor with multiple farm applications is classified as Under 50 HP.

Mahindra Tractor is one of the most trusted names in tractor manufacturing, and the Mahindra 475 DI model is one of them. It has many appealing features and a catchy design that a farmer will always want to buy. Mahindra Tractor has a distinct identity among many brands, and it is well-known for its glamorous tractor models. A farmer is always looking for the best tractor to meet their farm's needs. And Mahindra Tractor is a company that creates models based on the needs of farmers. One of them is this tractor. It has all the most recent technological features for increased performance and better results.

Mahindra 475 Tractor Features - The Mahindra tractor 475 consistently meets all of your requirements and expectations. It enables you to easily complete various agricultural operations. You can choose an effective tractor thanks to the numerous great features and the design of the Mahindra 475 hp. One of the most trustworthy tractors is the Mahindra tractor 475 DI, which has been elevated to the company's top model.

  • The Mahindra 475 tractor has a Dry Type Clutch with a Dual Types Option, enabling work without interruptions.
  • The Mahindra 475 DI tractor has both dry disc and oil-immersed disc brakes for improved field performance and reduced slippage.
  • The tractor has both mechanical and power steering, making it easy to work in the field.
  • Mahindra 475 DI features an outstanding hydraulic lifting capacity of 1500 kg and the best PTO power in its class at 38 HP. Almost all implements, such as the plow, cultivator, rotavator, disc, and many more, can be lifted by it.
  • The Mahindra 475 DI tractor is practical, with comfortable seats and levers that extend easily.
  • The Mahindra 475 DI's cutting-edge hydraulics enable the comfortable use of rotavators.
  • The Mahindra 475 DI has a fuel capacity of 48 liters, which is sufficient for longer agricultural activities.
  • The Mahindra 475 DI comes standard with a 6-spline PTO capable of 540 RPM.

Mahindra 475 Price - 

The Mahindra 475 is the most cost-effective tractor in this class. It includes all of the productive quality features needed to provide adequate work on the field. The Mahindra 475 tractor and the Mahindra Tractor 475 price are the best for all Indian farmers because they have all of the qualities that will definitely meet your farming requirements. The Mahindra tractor 475 DI is an outstanding performer in the field. The tractor price of the Mahindra tractor 475 Model is superbly fixed and easily fits farmers' budgets. The Mahindra 475 DI Tractor's on-road price is an adjusting price that fits into the budget of every Indian farmer. For more information on the Mahindra tractor 475 model and other Mahindra models.