Biofourmis platform used in Hong Kong for monitoring COVID-19 patients

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For the purpose of locating individuals who have contracted COVID-19, a number of innovative digital biomarker technologies have been presented by businesses operating in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

One such technology that the business has unveiled is the Indonesia Solar Photovoltaic Market Sentinel platform from Biofourmis. In Hong Kong, the technology was used to monitor symptoms associated with COVID-19 and identify potential cases. The pandemic necessitated the use of a remote patient monitoring (RPM) strategy, which the platform assisted in addressing.

The program was run by the University of Hong Kong, which used FDA-approved Biovitals technology to allow for continuous monitoring of COVID-19-positive patients and provide analytical capacity for clinician decision support. Harmony Medical, Biofourmis' China joint venture partner, was also involved in the program.
The 24/7 remote monitoring technology and analytics are designed to provide the operator with real-time updates on symptoms related to the coronavirus, allowing for prompt intervention in the event of deterioration and preventing further exacerbations.

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The program also used the clinical-grade wearable biosensor called Everion from Biofourmis to monitor symptoms related to COVID-19. More than 20 physiological signals, including temperature, blood oxygenation, heart rate, and blood pulse wave, can be measured by the biosensor's optical, temperature, electrodermal, accelerometer, and barometer sensors. The sensor can also check the inter-beat interval, heart rate variability, and respiration rate, among other things.

Since clinicians and researchers are still trying to figure out how the novel coronavirus affects the body, the biosensor will also help improve our understanding of the virus and its behavior. The Everion biosensor has the ability to notify users of potential physiological changes that could indicate the progression of a disease.

Companies like Huma, Oura, and Kinsa Health, in addition to Biofourmis, have introduced or modified platforms that make it possible to monitor patients remotely when traditional settings are unavailable or unfeasible.