Choose your Updo Cornrow Braids Style at Elite Braids

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Elite Braids + Weaving is a leading salon in Houston specializing in hair styling, Weaving, and braiding. We are the best Afro salon with highly trained hair stylists in the city.

Cornrows are protective hairstyles that prevent moisture from seeping into your hair and damaging them, hence the name. Updo Cornrow Braids are very easy to wear and highly versatile; you can choose between various styles here per your personality. And at Elite Braids, we can customize updo cornrow braids into various styles.


Our team of haircare experts is highly experienced and skilled in creating flawless hairstyles with cornrows and other braiding styles. We can transform your hairstyle and your personality with updo cornrow braids, whether you want to sport a sexy ponytail or a dashing bun.


Eclectic Hairstyles Customized for you

From braided and curly buns to curly ponytails and even cornrows with zigzag patterns, our hairstylists can do all of these and much more. We can also recommend the appropriate color to add tonality to your style. Updo cornrow braids are also fairly easy to maintain and last longer than most other hair braiding styles.


You can also change your look with a new cornrow updo hairstyle anytime you want at Elite Braids.


 So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment at your nearest Elite Braids salon in Houston for contemporary and sassy updo cornrow braids. Let us know about your next hairstyle inspiration. Send us a query at ELITEBRAIDSWEAVING@GMAIL.COM.