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Ahom Technologies Java application development company, we work with you to develop a full-fledged enterprise software suite including mobile and web applications.

The Java platform provides a system for developing application software and deploying it in a cross-platform computing environment. AHOM TECHNOLOGIES is a Java Development Company and it is used in a variety of computing platforms from embedded devices and mobile phones to supercomputers. is the primary way to produce code in the Java Virtual Machine. Java has a plethora of applications in multiple streams – Windows, Mac and UNIX-based desktops, Android-based mobiles, embedded systems and enterprise solutions.


Best Java Development Company India

Java is one of the most sought-after computer programming languages. It is an object-oriented programming tool that is generally used for creating highly sophisticated client-server web, desktop and mobile applications. One of the best features of Java is that the code written once can be run anywhere and used for creating many applications. As of present, Java is being used widely for creating a range of applications in the field of e-commerce, software, technology, mobile, smartphone, smart devices, etc. Whether you are looking to develop your own Java based web application or a mobile app, our expert team of Java developers can help you with the task.

AHOM TECHNOLOGIES is a professional Java software development company based in India. We have been providing custom software and web application development services for over 10 years now with the help of our awesome team that consists of 50+ skilled Java developers. Whether you need a business Java application program or a featured Java website or mobile app, we can create it for you. We have developed Java applications for hundreds of clients from all over the world in various industries including real estate, finance, eCommerce, healthcare, technology and more. Get in touch with us to discuss your project requirements.


Java Web App Development Services by AHOM TECHNOLOGIES

We continue to test our limits by expanding the range of Java application development services we can add to our service portfolio. AHOM TECHNOLOGIES provides top-grade Java development services that are inimitable. We believe in fulfilling all desired requirements of customers with high precision and quality. We provide complete java development solutions and our expert support team will assist you at every step of the development cycle. Our team of experienced java developers is committed to building high-performance and feature-rich java products by strictly complying with time limits.


AHOM Technologies Java Software Development Services

Our expert Java software developers are highly proficient in java, helping us to deliver success-driven solutions for your business needs.


  • Enterprise Web App Development

Our expertise in large-scale enterprise app development combined with our business acumen and dedication to perfecting our craft makes us TRUE LEADERS in enterprise web app development.


  • Java Software Development

AHOM Technologies provides best-in-class Java development services using advanced Java frameworks and the latest innovations in java technology. We provide reusable code and we specialize in robust and agile server-side and client-side custom application development with a flexible tech stack.


  • Java Web Development

We engineer fast, secure, and reliable websites for a multitude of industries, including education, healthcare, finance, and so much more. Our Java developers specialize in e-Commerce store management systems, engaging mobile apps, intranet portals, cloud-based currency processing solutions, BI solutions, and more.


  • Application Support and Modernization

We support and maintain your Java applications, Java frameworks and extensions, libraries, data-processing platforms, IDEs, and databases. We provide application support and modernization services to ensure that your application is working at optimal conditions. We curb operational costs, minimize redundancy and complexity, and boost quality through seamless external integrations.


Our Java Software Development Services


  • Java Application Development

We provide custom Java application development of native and cross-platform apps for desktop and mobile devices, as well as firmware, cloud apps, and embedded applets. Additional Java-powered software solutions include modernization, framework customization, legacy migration, QA, reengineering, and performance tuning. We develop custom software using Java’s dependable design environments (NetBeans, Mave, Eclipse) and robust libraries (Spring, JUnit, JSF, Struts).


  • Java EE Development Services

Programming of scalable, portable Java Enterprise Edition architecture for data-driven businesses with high-traffic websites. We construct B2B and B2C programming solutions that include distributed and multi-tiered systems, business intelligence/analytics, corporate portals, CRM, inventory management, content management, asset management, and Business Rules/Process Management (BRM/BPM) tools.


  • Java Software Optimization

We offer java development services that deliver scalable, secure, and optimized java software tools and technologies. AHOM Technologies covers all aspects of software components such as architecture, design, database schema, code, and other important considerations like execution time, memory usage, disk space, and bandwidth while optimizing java software.


  • Java Web Application Development

We use Java, integrated with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, to create high-performance web applications, static dynamic websites, content management systems, and server/client portals. We build dynamic web content with responsive UI and configurable themes using Java Servlets, Java Server Pages, and Java Server Faces, in addition to APIs for automated messaging, XML processing, and optimized database communication.


  • Java Android Development

We develop robust mobile and IoT applications for Android devices. We integrate social media plug-ins, adaptive UI/UX, custom widgets, enterprise mobility, mobile payment processing, location-based services, and mVoiP. We also implement Developer, Remote Display, Game Manager, and Android Pay Google Play APIs.


  • Java Software Modernization

We successfully modernize numerous applications by placing new, modern java versions, libraries, and tools in the place of older frameworks. We have expertise in full end-to-end migration for various applications and application modernization. We develop Java software that is secure, scalable, high performing, and causes no business disruption.


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  1. How much does Java application development cost?

The cost to develop a Java application may rely upon several important factors such as product complexity, database requirements, number of resources being deployed and more. It is considered the best to consult our team of Java development experts to get a precise cost estimation.


  1. I want to hire Java developers for my ongoing project. Can you help?

Yes, of course. We have more than a decade of experience working on complex project requirements enabling our experts to create scalable and secure applications using Java technology.


  1. How long does it take to go live with a custom Java development project?

The duration of project completion relies upon client requirements. If your project seeks a high-scale technology deployment and personalization, it may take a few weeks or even months to deliver the final product.

You can consult our Java development experts for a precise understanding.


  1. Can I hire Java developers on a full-time basis?

Yes, we provide different engagement models and service packages. Clients can choose any of available options as per their project requirements.


  1. Why choose Java for Web Development for your next project?

Java technology offers a wide range of classes and libraries for web development.


  1. Do you build native applications with JAVA?

As a credible Java development company, we tend to utilize the language for creating native Android applications as per your specifications. Our developers will look at your requirements as well as the future expectations to provide you with the suggestion for the best-fitting solution for your business that fits your budget and needs.