The Top 8 Places in Mexico to Live, Per Real Estate Experts

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Mexico is the ideal holiday spot because of its many kilometers of beaches, delectable food, intriguing culture, and customs with a long history.

Mexico is the ideal holiday spot because of its many kilometers of beaches, delectable food, intriguing culture, and customs with a long history. However, because of its stable economy, cheap property taxes, pleasant climate, and accessible healthcare, our southern neighbor has also grown in popularity among digital nomads and expats. A record amount of Americans moved to Mexico in 2022, with Mexico City as the most popular location.

Here are eight of Mexico's safest and friendliest locations for relocation, along with lists of the country's top jobs and leisure options. The capital city of the nation is a thriving metropolis with a rich past, present, and future. Although the city dropped four positions in the 2022 economic competitiveness index, the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness still placed it fifth in the 2022 urban competitiveness index (IMCO). Around 40% of home sales in Mexico City occurred to foreign purchasers in 2022, and Mexico Sotheby's International Realty predicts that this percentage will rise to 60% this year.

Consider moving to Mexico City's affluent Lomas drift hunters de Chapultepec and Jardines del Pedregal areas, which are home to the city's economic and political elite and have homes that often cost millions of dollars. According to Daniel Sánchez of Mexico Sotheby's International Realty, expats choose the Coyoacán and San ngel regions for their colonial-style residences and active arts scene, as well as the Roma and Condesa neighborhoods, which are well-liked by families and young professionals.

Puebla's historic city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and located approximately two hours southeast of Mexico City. It is situated at the base of one of Mexico's tallest mountains and attracts tourists with churches from the 16th and 17th centuries and colonial structures covered in azulejos tiles. The Puebla metropolitan region, one of only three in Mexico that devotes more than 10% of its federal budget to enhancing public transportation, is also among the top 15 most competitive cities in that country.

Sánchez noted that some of the most well-liked neighborhoods include La Paz, La Caada, and gated communities like Las Fuentes, Campestre del Bosque, La Concepción, the Golf Club, and the Country Club. "The luxury real estate market in Puebla has been growing in recent years, attracting buyers with its unique blend of traditional and modern features," Sánchez said.

He said, "The city is also an excellent destination for individuals searching for a second home or investment property due to its closeness to Mexico City and its booming cultural scene." There is no need to introduce this 100-mile length of Yucatan Peninsula white sand beach. Millions of Americans love to vacation on the Riviera Maya, which extends from Sian Ka'an in the south of Tulum all the way south to Puerto Morelos. Unsurprisingly, this picturesque area rich in Mayan history and culture is also a popular vacation spot for foreign nationals. Both Playa del Carmen, famed for its nightlife, all-inclusive resorts, and picture-perfect beaches, and Tulum, with its young, wellness-focused ethos and outstanding restaurant scene, are ideal choices for anyone contemplating relocation.

Liszett Torres, a broker at Riviera Maya Sotheby's International Realty, outlined one of the key distinctions between Playa del Carmen and Tulum: "In Playa, the real estate offers and home prices are given by [the properties'] proximity to the sea, since there is access to the beach practically throughout the city." "The boutique hotels and the small number of beachfront homes essentially control access to the beach in Tulum. Like Tulum, Playa del Carmen provides a laid-back and natural way of life, but in a considerably more developed city with paved streets and access to all public amenities."

The capital of Yucatán consistently ranks among Mexico's safest cities. Mérida had a long Mayan history until the Spanish took control of the city in the middle of the 16th century. In reality, several of its colonial structures were built using the stones from destroyed Mayan habitations. Residents love being close to the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, which are less than an hour away from the city, in addition to the city's colorful architecture.

With retail commerce dominating the local market, Merida has one of the most competitive economies among Mexico's main cities. Additionally, there are many Indigenous people living in the city, and roughly 8% of people there speak an Indigenous language.