About competition between nonprofits during the war

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About competition between nonprofits during the war

Samuel P N Cook:
Yeah, and Artur, just about your organization, you've been on several news channels already. And you're working on a lot of exciting things to help, you know, bring everyone together. And we're going to speak to that right after you have to leave a couple of your compatitors or colleagues in Ukraine who are working on the front lines here. To aid organizations, or people who want to get involved or connect with you or get help from you, what's the best way for people to, you know, plug into what you're building and develop this ecosystem?

Artur Kiulian:
Yeah, the most efficient way is to actually go through all join through a volunteer form, and we've established a process that actually would be beneficial for any organization to observe in terms of the identity verification process. And the early days, we observed how many of you know anonymous and sketchy, volunteers were joining different efforts and infiltrating different places. And we just realized that we need to build this process and to also offer to other people because there's so many telegram channels, so many WhatsApp groups. People keep adding people that they, you know, know for a day. And it's really, you know, there is a dire need to have structure in place, the cybersecurity that physical security. So I highly recommend that you go to Ukraine now.org, and just click JOIN US volunteer. We're taking a position where people fill out their skills, and we will reach out once there is a position or a task, or something that fits your skills. We have a system that tasks matches by your skills from LinkedIn, and the skills that you fill in. So that's the most efficient job. And obviously, if you want to donate, we're fully funded by just regular people donating to our website, the donate button is right here.

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