Analyzing the fees structure of Satang Pro

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Cryptocurrencies are mastering the trade and investment world and are still on the path to attracting other potential investors. Investors are looking for an alternative platform to embark on their crypto journey or to expand it among all the possible horizons.

No doubt, you can search all the top cryptocurrency exchanges and can pick one among them. But before selecting a crypto exchange to carry out the operations, one must do a comprehensive study of the fees involves in performing the transaction.

From this perspective, we have framed this read for you to give an outline of the possible charges that you will have to pay off if you are choosing to carry out crypto activities with the Satang Pro, but before that let’s have a check on the crypto exchange.

A quick check at the Satang Pro

Satang Pro is one of the most well-recognized crypto exchanges in the Thailand region. Founded back in the year 2017, this exchange was earlier known as TDAX (Thai Digital Asset Exchange Company Ltd.). The vision of the platform is to become one of the pioneering digital assetexchanges in this market. In addition to it, the exchange also aims to improve the quality of its services without stepping out of the designed legal framework. 

Just like other crypto exchanges this exchange also provides a platform for investors to carry out seamless crypto trade/investment activities. And, in this process of execution of a particular transaction,a certain fee is involved, which we call trading fees. To execute the transaction some other fees are also charged. To get a rough idea of the fees involved in processing a transaction, we will be having a brief discussion of its fee structure.

Major fees charged by this exchange

Now, coming to the major question of the charges involved in processing a transaction through this platform. The two broad fees that an investor has to pay to get their transactions executed are the Trading fees and the Withdrawal fee.

As the name suggests, a withdrawal fee is charged when the investor wishes to draw back some of its digital funds.The withdrawal fee is under the industry’s average. For per BTC withdrawal, the fee is 0.0005 BTC.

Talking of the trading fee, the exchange charges a fee of 0.20%, irrespective of the party whether it is a taker or a maker. The exchange works on the principle of the “Flat Fee Model”. However, one of the added benefits here is that if you are having a large trading volume in the preceding 30 days then you are rewarded with trading discounts.

Summing it up!!

From the above read, you might have gotten an idea of ​​the fees involved in carrying out the activities through the  Satang Pro  exchange. of any query/concern you can reach out to its support team.