How to Increase Your iPhone Screen Timeout

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If you are an iPhone user, you must have noticed that the iPhone screen automatically turns off after 30 seconds of inactivity. Less screen time saves battery when you're not using your phone. 

However, you need more screen time when you write something on the internet, use, look at a recipe, or similar. 

If you use iPhone but don't know how to change your iPhone screen time, this article will help you. In this article, we will discuss how to change screen time on iPhones. 


What is screen time? 

Screen timeout is a security feature on all devices, including iOS and Android. This feature automatically locks the screen of your device after a certain period of time. This feature prevents excessive battery drain by locking the device's screen when you're not using it. This feature is enabled by default, but if you want to disable it, you can never change it. If you don't want to turn it off, you can increase or decrease the screen time according to your needs. 


Increase the screen time on iPhone 

If you want to increase the screen time on your iPhone, you can do it in the settings of your phone. The steps  are as follows: 

 1) Open settings on your device. 

 2) Scroll down and tap  Display Brightness. 

 3) Then tap on Auto Key. 

 4) You get multiple screen time options. Select a time higher than the current timeout option. 

If you want to decrease the timeout,  select a time option that is lower than the currently selected timeout. 


Turn off Screen Time on iPhone 

Sometimes you may need to keep the screen always on. In this case, you can turn off the screen time so that your iPhone screen does not lock automatically when it is not in use. To turn off screen time on your iPhone, follow the steps  below 

1) Launch Settings on your device. 

2) Then click Display and Brightness and then tap Auto Key. 

3) Select  Never to turn off screen time. 


  1. How can I change the screen time on my iPhone? 

To change the screen time, click Settings, then  Display and brightness, then Auto-Lock. Here you can change the screen timeout setting on your iPhone or iPad. 


  1. Can I set the screen time to 30 minutes? 

Yes, you can set the screen time to 30 minutes. If you want more than that, you can turn it off completely. 


  1. Why does my iPhone fall asleep so quickly? 

Your iPhone goes to sleep so quickly thanks to iPhone's auto-lock feature. This feature locks your phone's screen or puts it to sleep due to inactivity.


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