What Are the Most Important Blue World City Facts?

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Blue World City Islamabad (adjacent to Rawalpindi Ring Road) is a modern housing society that is widely considered to be a future business hub in Pakistan.

A housing development called Blue World City may be found close to Islamabad in Pakistan. It is being developed by Blue Group of Companies in conjunction with a Chinese investment company. It is promoted as the nation's first private housing society ever, established in partnership with a Chinese firm.

The project is being constructed in stages, with residential and commercial plots making up the first phase. The construction of villas, flats, and other facilities will take place in the next phases. The development is positioned as a middle-class housing choice with inexpensive housing options and modern amenities including a water theme park, shopping centers, hospitals, schools, and mosques. It is also promoted as a key element of the multi-billion-dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a project to improve connectivity and trade between China and Pakistan.

Developers and Owners

The development of blue Global City is being done by the Blue Group of Companies, a Pakistani conglomerate with interests in a number of industries, including real estate, building, and energy. Since its founding in 1989, the corporation has developed into one of Pakistan's biggest and most diverse corporate organizations.

Blue Group of Companies stated in 2017 that it has formed a joint venture to build Blue World City with a Chinese investment company called Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Corporation. A division of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau is Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Corporation. It is one of China's biggest state-owned construction companies. Owners and developers of Blue World City have attracted a lot of attention from investors and homebuyers in Pakistan and overseas. Due to the project's initial introduction without the required local authority permits, there have been some questions raised concerning its legality. Since these problems have been fixed, the project is being developed in accordance with all legal and regulatory standards.

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Municipal Engineering Corporation of Shah Jian

A multi-billion-dollar initiative aiming at boosting connectivity and trade between China and Pakistan, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) includes the partnership between the Blue Group of Companies and Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company as a key element. The first private housing society ever created in conjunction with a Chinese corporation is being advertised as Blue World City. It is hailed as a representation of the close relations between the two nations.

Blue World City Location

The site of Blue World City is close to Islamabad in Pakistan. It is specifically located on Chakri Road, a short distance from the brand-new Islamabad International Airport. The project spans over 5,000 Kanal and is close to a number of other significant constructions, such as the Rawalpindi Ring Road, the Islamabad-Lahore Motorway, and the CPEC route. Due to its advantageous location, Blue World City is an appealing investment opportunity for anyone hoping to take advantage of the economic growth and development occurring in this region of Pakistan.

Master plan and Payment plan

Blue World City's master plan contains a variety of site sizes for residential, commercial, and mixed-use zones. It also offers a variety of plot kinds to accommodate various requirements and spending limits. The construction is done in stages, with the first stage being finished and on the market. Blue World City offers plot sizes ranging from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal. Moreover, various sectors and blocks have been assigned to various plot sizes.

A down payment and monthly or quarterly installments over a period of three to four years make up the flexible payment schedule for the plots.

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Commercial Plots

There are several sized commercial plots available, ranging from 5 Marla to 8 Kanal. Various sectors and blocks have been set aside for various forms of commercial activity, including office buildings, marketplaces, and retail centres. The payment terms for the commercial plots are the same as those for the residential ones.

What Blue World City Offers

Mixed-use areas are another aspect of Blue World City. areas and facilities that will permit both business and residential activity. These places will have facilities including playgrounds, parks, and community centres.

A variety of amenities are included in the master plan, including a water park, sports facilities, hospitals, schools, and mosques. These amenities are being built in stages, with some currently finished and others still under construction.

The Blue World City payment schedule is intended to be adaptable and reasonable for purchasers. Depending on the kind, size, and stage of development of the plot, the payment plan's precise terms may change. Nevertheless, purchasers often have to put down 10–20% of the plot's entire cost, with the remaining payments spread out over 3–4 years in the form of monthly or quarterly installments. Buyers who pay the entire price up front or within a shorter time period can be eligible for some reductions.

Legal Status For investors, a legal standing is the second most important and crucial factor. Anybody considering investing in real estate wants to be sure their money is secure and the project is legitimate. Moreover, they guarantee that the project is secure for all types of building and development activity. The good news for the investors in this housing society is that Blue World City NOC has been granted.

For every real estate project in Pakistan, the granting of a No Objection Certificate (NOC) is a crucial regulatory necessity. The NOC, which is granted by the appropriate local body, such as the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) or the Capital Development Authority (CDA), attests to the project's compliance with all applicable laws and safety rules.

At first, there were worries that Blue World City had been introduced without receiving the required NOCs and licences from the relevant authorities. Nonetheless, these problems have been overcome, and the project has now received all the NOCs and approvals needed for development. One of the greatest residential communities in the twin cities, Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi, is another option for investment.


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