MBBS admission in Bangladesh

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Must Study MBBS in Bangladesh. RMC Educational Advice provides you with the latest information on MBBS Admission in Bangladesh. There are many international students for admission in the highly reputed medical institute in Bangladesh. The cost of living and education in Bangladesh is low compared to many reputed medical institutes around the world. The average cost for an MBBS course in Bangladesh ranges from 18 lakh INR to 25 lakh INR, including accommodation. International students and students from India are showing great interest in MBBS admission in Bangladesh. Has seen questions from international students from reputed medical institutes, Bangladesh Medical College, Islamic Bank Medical College, Diabetes Association Medical College, International Medical College, East-West Medical College, Ibrahim Medical College, and Dhaka National Medical College. Low cost and efficient, effective medical education in Bangladesh makes it one of the most preferred places for medical education.


Benefits of studying in Bangladesh
1. MCI, an accredited medical course outside India. Under the MCI Act 1956

2. MBBS best alternative in Bangladesh Low-cost medical study outside India

3. Accreditation - Member of the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council and the Southeast Asian Regional Organization

4. After completing an MBBS degree in Bangladesh, the student can register with the Medical Council of India by giving a screening test to practice in India.

5. Low financial cost to complete MBBS course in Private Medical College and free seats in Government Medical College under SAARC quota

6. Adequate patient flow for clinical trials and maintaining global medical education standards

7. Socio-cultural, ecological and climatic conditions are almost the same as in India

8. Very close to home country

9. The safety and security of the individual on campus is ensured

10. Cheap medical course in low package for middle class family, best option for MBBS study outside India