What are the Applications of Shotcrete Machine?

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The shotcrete process is truly one of the most versatile processes available for the use of concrete in both new construction and repairs. Shotcrete can be used in almost any concrete project and typically results in a significant savings of time and money. The following list is a sample of the almost limitless applications for shotcrete.

Repair and Restoration:

Shotcrete is a technique for repairing and restoring deteriorated concrete, steel, or wood structures. While it is economical to repair beams of variable depths, caps, columns, abutments, wingwalls, and underdecks, it may become expensive for repairing a full-thickness of the bridge deck.


Shotcrete is likely to be used for bridge deck rehabilitation, but it is very costly for full thickness repair. However it is useful for beam repairs of variable depths, caps, columns, abutments, wing walls, and under decks from the technical point of view.

Ground Support:

In combination with various reinforcements and anchors, shotcrete effectively stabilizes earth and rock excavations and supports the ground during mining and tunneling. The shotcrete technique is superior to ground-supporting systems like traditional timber and steel shoring. It offers early ground support after excavation or blasting.

Architectural Buildings:

Shotcrete has become the material of choice for an increasing number of architectural applications. From intricately formed building structures to landscapes and zooscapes, shotcrete meets the construction needs of architects, designers, and contractors alike. Shotcrete construction can often be completed faster and more economically than other conventional construction techniques.

Tanks and Domes:

Shotcrete is used to construct watertight, economical, and durable tanks of different sizes to store a variety of liquids, including chilled water, industrial wastes, and wastewater. It has also been used to build domes ranging from small shelters to large vessels spanning 60 m.

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