About bulk url opener - Online Multiple URL Opener

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The extension and web store of your browsers are flooded with all sorts of tools that can assist you in various ways.

About Bulk URL Opener   - Online Multiple URL Opener

Have you ever received a work on opening up multiple web pages by clicking on them individually and analyse various things from those websites? Have you ever received some random links from your friend or colleague or any of your family members asking your help to suggest the best of the multiple products? Have you been lately analysing websites for your own business to increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking to place your business better against the competitors? Every business needs in-depth analysis, planning and proper execution of their plans to be successful.

Indeed, for all the above scenarios you have to open multiple URL’s at a time to check out the web pages. What you end up doing is, clicking on each and every link and opening them in either a new tab or new window. To ease you out from those tough situations and help you be more productive, Bulk URL Opener is the one top solution for all your worries.

URL Opener is the simple and intuitive way of opening up multiple or bulk URL’s instantly within seconds. All the online multiple url opener tool do is, wait until you click “Open All URL’s” button after entering all the URL’s which you want to open and then instantly open all the web pages that you have entered. Isn’t that awesome? Say for instance you want to open 20 web pages whose links you have handy, so instead of clicking 20 times on those 20 links, you paste all the 20 links in this unique masterpiece http://www.bulkurlopener.live and click one button and whoa! All the 20 URL’s are open for you to surf through within fraction of seconds.

By the way, did we mention that we don’t store any of your URL’s? Yes, we care the privacy of data as much as you do and our thriving and genuine practices say that privacy is of utmost importance and handled with care. We don’t collect any of your personal information. We don’t even want you to sign up to send those emails which are of no use and instantly goes into the trash of your mail box! We with our advertising partner just collect the user statistics which help us to improvise the user experience. Nothing except that!

Why should I use multiple URL opener?

There is no website on this huge ocean of Internet sites which doesn’t have its purpose. Similar to that, our multi url opener serves its purpose. However, you may ask that there could be many such websites and why should I use URLOpener .net? You doubt completely understandable, and that’s why we give you the reasons to choose us than others.


Multiple Browser Support:

Bulk URL Openeris supported for multiple browsers which means no matter whether you are running Chrome or Firefox or Microsoft Edge or Safari or even Internet Explorer this bulk URL opener tool works smoothly on them easily. All you need is a browser and multiple URL’s which you want to open.


No Strings attached:

Unlike other web url opener websites where to use some functionality, you have to sign up or Login we don’t have such strings attached. Since we do not take any of consumer’s data,Bulk URLOpener is free to use, and it is for everyone whether you are an adult or a child until you are using Internet.


Less Ads:

Another fantastic quality which makes us stand out from the rest is we have less ads on our home page. We try to make the user experience butter smooth and hence the policy of less ads. 


Safe and secured:

There is no bar on where to use this website to open multiple or bulk URLs for your need. URLOpener is completely secured with “https” certification, and as mentioned earlier we don’t tend to store user’s data, there is no risk of losing them and hence it is safe.


Unlimited websites:

Indeed, there is no limit on how many numbers of websites you can open through our web url opener. However, the best practice is to open around 15-20 web pages at a time such that you don’t tend to fill up your browser with bulk tabs or windows opened simultaneously and also prevent your computer from freezing.

One more important thing to note here is, our bulk url opener works for web links. Hence you don’t have to worry about whether it is a web application or shortened URL’s or website itself or any other unique system. You give it a web page link and click on Open all URL’s, and there it is with all the URL’s opened in new tab or new windows based on your browser settings.


No need to use bulk url opener extension:

You don’t need to install any extra extension on your browser to open multiple url’s instead you can use our web url opener tool online.

Aren’t these reasons enough for you to go ahead and use Bulk URL Opener? What are you waiting for? Go ahead and add URLOpener.net to your shortcuts or favourites on your browser and see your productivity increased dramatically.


How to use bulkurlopener.live?

As simple as our home page is, using it is that simple as well. All you have to do navigate to the link http://www.bulkurlopener.live and follow this steps.

· Reach home page.

· Enter the URL’s in the URL box provided at the centre of the webpage.

· Click on Open All URL’s button

· That is it, see all the URL’s opened in different tabs or windows

How to turn off the pop up blockers in various browsers?

So this could be the most common or the only issue which you can face while using bulkurlopener.live. The reason behind that is, browsers have their safety and security regulations, and some websites provide pop-ups. Hence, the browsers avoid opening such sites using the pop-up blocker functionality which you later turn ON or OFF. So how do I do this? Simple, follow these steps for corresponding browsers.



Generally, when you open any web pages in the chrome, if there are any popups for that particular website, the chrome opens them in new tab but block them from displaying content. On top right of the address bar, you can see small cross icon being displayed.

On clicking that icon, you will see the options either to allow or block the popups from that URL. You can select the option to always allow the popups from that particular website, if you trust the source.

So from the next time, the Chrome remembers your settings for that website and always allow the pop-ups.


Mozilla Firefox:

Visit the below website to learn about how you can turn off the pop up blockers in Mozilla Firefox. With these simple steps you can open multiple URL’s at a time without any obstacles.


The extension and web store of your browsers are flooded with all sorts of tools that can assist you in various ways. One of those tools is Bulk URL Opener, a browser extension that allows you to open numerous links at once. Furthermore, it helps you save all the open tabs with a few simple clicks. For people who need to view multiple sites at once for different objectives, such as work or research, this add-on can be quite helpful. Moreover, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome browsers can all use this extension.

Accessing all of the links you are working with at once can be difficult at times. A URL opener tool will also assist you in increasing productivity while you are attempting to fulfill a deadline or undertaking crucial research. Also, using the Bulk URL Opener add-on, you can reduce the time spent juggling links and get a head start on your task.

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