MT. Everest Base Camp Trek

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Everest Base Camp, situated in the northeast direction at about 150 miles away from the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu is one of the most visited places in the country. Thousands of travelers enter the country every year to embark on the adventure to the base camp of the World's tallest

Nepal trekking acknowledges an adventure journey by foot in the highest mountain and deepest valley for few days, two weeks, three weeks or longer. Nepal shares hiking dreamland on earth that wins and solaces the heart of trekkers by the beauty of the Himalaya and Tibetan culture. Trekking in Nepal is not wilderness walking, trekkers encounter picturesque villages, fascinating Sherpa, Langtange, Narwas, Dolpowas, Lhomis, Yolmowas, and Mugalis people, exquisite temples, chortens, mani walls, monasteries, sacred lakes, wildlife, river valley and hot springs. The Himalayan Region bears an isolated, untouched, formation of nature, including eight of ten highest summits in the world that is only accessible by walking. An air of peace and Proper clothes, shoes, sunglass, medicine, rescue insurance, money, and a professional guide or a porter is essential. The highlights of photographs are the snow-clad peaks, suspension bridge, seasonal flower, vegetation, wildlife, river valley, waterfall, and thatched-roof villages. Interaction of the rural people is available in a subject of culture, tradition, weddings, festivals, funerals, school, health post, food habit, crop condition, and communication. Hiking is the healthy activity that is beneficial to your health. Do not disturb nature and culture, but contribute to an eco-tourism or alternative tourism. Climb high sleep low to avoid high altitude sickness, be safe from a beast, landslide, and falling rock on the trails. Be a responsible traveler, Mountain people expect to gain a bit of income from you.

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