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An essential piece of agricultural machinery known as a baler is used to compact raked and cut crops into smaller sizes

About Baler 

An essential piece of agricultural machinery known as a baler is used to compact raked and cut crops into smaller sizes. A tractor attachment known as a baler makes bales out of agricultural waste products like hay and flax straws that can be used for a number of things, including haylage and animal feed.

When crop residue is in a baler, it is simpler to transport and store. It saves you money, time, and space because it cuts down on trash generation by 80% overall. 

Here are some common types of balers used in agriculture:

  1. Round balers: Round balers are the most common type of baler used in agriculture. They create cylindrical bales that can range in size from 4 to 6 feet in diameter and can weigh anywhere from a few hundred pounds to over a ton. Round balers are easy to operate and can be used in a variety of crop types, making them a versatile choice for many farmers.
  2. Square balers: Square balers create rectangular bales that are typically smaller than round bales. They are often used to bale hay and straw and are popular among farmers who prefer the smaller bale size for handling and storage.
  3. Small square balers: Small square balers are similar to square balers, but create smaller bales that are typically used for small-scale operations. They are often used to bale hay and straw for personal use or for sale to local farmers.



  • New Holland Square Baler 5060:


The New Holland Square Baler 5060 is a popular piece of equipment in the agricultural industry. In India, the New Holland SQUARE BALER BC5060 implements power ranges from 50 to 75 HP and is relatively affordable and fuel-efficient. 


Tractor implements like the New Holland SQUARE BALER BC5060 are designed to offload agricultural responsibilities so that each farmer may focus on producing great yields using straightforward and innovative methods.


  • Mahindra Baler : 

Mahindra Baler's power in India is implemented at 35 HP, making it highly inexpensive and fuel-efficient. The outstanding quality and efficiency, which are incompatible, are highly respected by the farmers. The Mahindra Baler improves agricultural output in India and simplifies challenging, time-consuming tasks.

Mahindra Baler removes agricultural waste as quickly as possible so that the land can be ready for the next harvest. For ease of use, increased productivity, operator comfort, and time savings use hydraulic control levers.



  • New Holland Small Round Baler  : 

The New Holland Small Round Balerin India has an implement power range of 35-45 HP and is incredibly affordable and fuel-efficient. The farmers have a great deal of regard for its outstanding quality and efficiency, which are incompatible. 

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