Europe pants in early summer heatwaves threatening drought and wildfires

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Europe pants in early summer heatwaves threatening drought and wildfires

Spain was headed for record June temperatures in four decades on Friday (Jun 17), one area of France banned outdoor events, and drought stalked Italian farmers, as an early summer heatwave sent Western Europeans hunting for shade and fretting over climate change.

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The heatwave since the beginning of the week intensified on Friday, bringing temperatures from London to Madrid near record highs, according to national weather services.

"Avoid over-exposing to the sun, hydrate and take care of the most vulnerable so they don't suffer from heat stroke," advised Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez in Madrid during an event.

Temperatures were due to reach 40 to 42 degrees Celsius in Madrid and Zaragoza, in central and eastern Spain respectively, the national weather agency AEMET said.

Those would be levels not seen in June since 1981.

Northern Italian regions risk losing up to half their agricultural output due to a drought, a farm lobby said, as lakes and rivers start to run dangerously low, jeopardising irrigation.

The federation of Italian utility companies, Utilitalia, warned this week that the country's longest river, the Po, was experiencing its worst drought for 70 years, leaving many sections of the vast, northern waterway completely dried up.