What are the pros of manual testing?

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In this article the pros of manual testing are discussed.

What Are The Pros Of Manual Testing?

Manual testing necessitates human intervention, whereas automation testing uses machines to execute test cases automatically. Manual testing can be used on any sort of application. However, it is especially useful for evaluating user interfaces (UI) and user experience (UX) and ad hoc or exploratory testing.


Automation testing is only suggested for reliable systems with fewer bugs and is usually used for regression and performance testing. JMeter and Selenium are popular testing technologies.


Although manual testing is required to eliminate the greatest number of defects, there are some benefits. We'll go over the primary advantages so you can identify some of the risks and benefits of employing this methodology. To know more about manual testing, join Manual Testing Online Course.


Pros Of Manual Testing


Automated tools are intelligent but less intelligent than people. A genuine person with real-world experience can only detect certain things. Manual testing, on the other hand, is more likely to catch all faults and glitches in software.


2)Gives human insight

By focusing on the look and feel of a product, manual software testers provide a crucial human viewpoint as well as accuracy. They may analyse the application's visual components and highlight UI and UX flaws by adopting the end user's mentality.



The manual method is very beneficial for ad hoc testing because it is easily adaptable when software changes unexpectedly. Because of human involvement, test cases can be easily recreated or altered. Manual testing is also adaptable enough to be used on various applications.


4)Saves Money

Although manual testing involves specialised labour, it can save your firm money because no expensive tools are required. Automation tools can be expensive to install and set up and learn.



This article will let you know about the pros of manual testing. To know more about the pros of manual testing, join Manual Testing Training In Chennai at FITA Academy. Thus some of the pros of manual testing are that it is accurate, gives human insight, is adaptable and saves money. Manual testing still plays an important role because of its numerous advantages over automation testing.