Using vintage lighting products in creative ways

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Find out how to use Vintage light bulbs creatively in your home or office!

Whatever is in style will not remain that way for very long in the world of aesthetics. However, most things that have gone out of style in the past tend to resurface in the future. Take a look at those bellbottoms. Interior design follows the same principle. New crazes are emerging, and vintage is one of them.

What factors should be considered when choosing vintage light bulbs?

Vintage lighting products creates an amazing look! These vintage lighting products can be found in a wide variety of fixtures on the market today. The vintage light bulb is available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, filament designs, clear glass or amber glass, and it seems as if a new bulb appears every couple of months. They all have the following characteristics in common despite their diversifications!

In order to choose the right Vintage light bulbs, one must first consider the color temperature. There is a warm yellow color to all of them! Originally, they were designed in this manner. Please ensure that this is appropriate for the use you intend for them. It is also important to consider the lumens! The amount of light produced.

In comparison to standard incandescent light bulbs, all Vintage Light bulbs produce significantly less lumens per watt. An incandescent light bulb that produces 60 watts produces half the light output of a 60-watt Vintage Bulb.

Change the suspension configuration to see what works best 

LEDSone offer a variety of enamel light shades that were once used to illuminate factory floors and workers' workbenches in the early and mid-20th centuries. These shades were typically hung vertically from the ceiling. It is possible to suspend your fixture in a variety of ways today. In the event that you are unable to move the mains supply for the pendant light in your room, hooks can be installed both on the wall and ceiling, as long as the length of the flex is sufficient so that the flex can be run from the ceiling mounting plate to the desired position.

Asymmetrically hang lights 

To add visual interest, consider hanging enamel pendant lights at varying asymmetrical levels above kitchen   islands and dining tables instead of suspending them in neat rows. When vintage lights are hung at this eye-level, they can also be admired in detail due to their unique surface patina.

Occasionally, simplicity is the best approach 

It should be noted that vintage enamel pendant lights are nuanced interpretations of the classic industrial design.