Mount Kailash

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With a myriad of unsolved aspects carrying a gigantic unusual shape resembling that of a diamond, the ravishing spiritual aura of Mount Kailash is what every divinity seeker strives for.

Awinsome mystical agglomeration, a heavenly abode to Lord Shiva, an immensely esteemed pious destination ardently followed by thousands of devotees from all over the world- this is what defines the spiritual as well as the historical relevance of the ‘Majestic Mount Kailash’. Considered to be a ‘lifeline for some of Asia’s longest rivers, this diamond-shaped mountain formed by the Black rocks is accompanied by the rugged beauty facilitating each and every devotee present here with the most fascinating and scenic views throughout their Kailash Yatra. The Parikrama of this peak while covering a distance of 52 km is more than enough to have the most splendid views of Mount Kailash accompanied with inner satisfaction. Kailash Parvat height measures at an elevation of 6638 m (21778 ft), it is thus considered amongst the Himalayas’ highest parts carrying varied names with some of them being Gang Tise or Gang Rinpoche. Billions of people intend to visit this pious hub but lucky are those few people who are able to grab the opportunity of having a highly positive experience here.

This beguiling destination is also recognized as a divine solution for Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism as well as the people belonging to Bon Po. It has always been uttered that the Yogis and other people who are looking out for peace and salvation undoubtedly head towards the Mountains due to the highly serene environment there and this is thus, considered to be one of the most indispensable reasons for the participation of a good number of ardent followers in the holy Kailash Manasarovar Yatra prevalent each year. This mountain is tucked in a remote location that lies in far western Tibet and is often accompanied by different religious aspects entailed by the people belonging to Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism as well as the Bon Pos.

As told by the Hindus, Mount Kailash is considered to be the heavenly abode of the venerated Lord Shiva who is known to be a true epitome supporting the multiple apparent contradictions. The Lord of Yoga, the divine Tantra Master i.e. Lord Shiva is said to be living on the top of Mount Kailash where he indulged in spending time with his beloved wife- Parvati, practicing some Yoga aesthetics and smoking marijuana. According to them, their journey to the Holy Mount Kailash is a spiritual way of attaining salvation and also washing away all their sins.

Mount Kailash is known to have four faces i.e. the North Face, South Face, East Face as well as West Face. The Northern Face is the part where the holy Mount Kailash appears gold in color (Golden view) in the morning during sunrise and in the evening during sunset.

On the other hand, the Southern Face lets the visitors have sight of the formation of a shape resembling the third eye of Lord Shiva. Mentioning the East and West faces of this mighty and highly revered peak, these can be witnessed by the pilgrims at the time of the Inner Kora.

As believed by Buddhists, the mighty mountain is the habitat of Buddha Demchok or Chakrasamvar who is known to be the representative of the highest form of bliss. Also, it is said that it holds an eternal connection with the Milarepa who is considered to be a great Tibetan yogi. Mentioning the spiritual belief of the Bon Pos religion that is renowned as the one predating Tibet’s Buddhism, they have a really distinct perspective. They have witnessed the whole of this region as a seat accompanied by spiritual power. Lastly, as informed by the Jains- Mount Kailash is called Mount Ashtapada which is known to be the liberation attainment point for Rishabhadeva who was the first Jain Tirthankara.

A labyrinth of unsolved mysteries is incorporated into the highly divine aura of Mount Kailash. There are innumerable assumptions, beliefs, tales, and also the aspects connected in one way or the other with this peak, also none of them are solved yet. Distinct people and scientists have different statements and no one knows what to consider. One of them standing out as the most prominent mystery is the ‘Mount Kailash that is unclimbed till now. Plentiful climbers have tried out their best to reach the top of this peak but no one of them is successful in the same till now. However, it has been notified that a Tibetan saint Milarepa, is the sole person who was supposedly able to climb Mount Kailash. But, the climbers who have even climbed to the top of the highest Mt. Everest were unable to scale Mount Kailash. Apart from this, the mountain is also known for changing its positions and this has been thus considered a prime reason for the climbers not being able to climb this majestic peak. A question still creating a mind-boggling situation for thousands of legends- Is Mount Kailash in the center of this world? This question has been resolved by varied answers however, there is not a specific one for this.

Some assume that the holy mecca lies in the center, some think Jerusalem is in the center whereas some confirm that Kailash is the world’s Central Point. However, nothing is confirmed till now. One might come across innumerable theories and sayings for this Pyramid shaped mountain, and truly there are abundant answers to these but still if one sees this serenity-filled place from a spiritual side, it has crossed the limits. The journey to Mount Kailash has always proved to be a route to enlightenment and attainment of Salvation for each and every participant in the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra.