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We truly mean it when we say that we have the best Bio-fuel on the market. To ensure that each item satisfies our exacting quality standards, our expert team carefully examines and hand-picks each one

You spend good money on fine foods, spices, rubs and other ingredients. But keep in mind that wood is also a component. Start with Bioluxgmbh and quality ingredients for quality results! The best wood to use is organic, chemical-free, kiln-dried wood that has received USDA certification because it will influence the flavour of your food. To get the flavour you want, choose from red oak, white oak, hickory, pecan, post oak, cherry, or maple.

Buy charcoal onlineThere are numerous uses for charcoal, and having it in large quantities can be very beneficial. A large supply can last a long time due to the versatility of charcoal, which is available in both briquettes and lump form. There are numerous commercial uses for charcoal, including in kitchens and retail establishments. Additionally, it can be kept in storage for extended periods of time, making it a cost-effective staple in food preparation.

Buy wood pellets onlineIn order to ensure that your pellet stove operates at its best, wood pellets are made from high-quality hardwood chips and sawdust. When you regularly buy our wood pellets, you won't need to keep adjusting the settings on your stove because each pellet is produced with the same consistency. Compared to most firewood, wood pellets burn hotter and produce less ash that needs to be cleaned up. Additionally, the time you spend cleaning your chimney will decrease. 

Buy pallet onlinePallets are lightweight platforms for moving, storing, and transporting goods. A pallet offers a stable foundation for stacking numerous items, and it is designed to be portable with a forklift or pallet jack. 

Buy firewood onlineTo guarantee that you receive premium cuts of the wood species you select, our team inspects and hand-selects each piece of our kiln-dried firewood. We produce a level of consistency that is unmatched in the industry, whether you are looking for something that burns longer or something with a milder aroma. 

Buy wood chips onlineFresh hardwood chips have the wonderful aroma of sawmill oak and the endurance of a hardwood mulch. When new, hardwood chips have a light tan colour, but as summer wears on, the colour starts to fade and the mulch colour turns grey the following year. Our wood chips don't contain fines or dust, unlike mulch, which helps to slow down the breakdown of chip mulch and ensures that you get a clean, uniform chip. To help with moisture retention and weed control, wood chips used as mulch are typically installed 3" deep; however, for walking paths and playgrounds, this depth can be increased to 9′′. 

Buy wood briquettes onlineDry, untreated wood chips are used to make wood briquettes (also known as heat logs or eco logs), a type of wood fuel. They are created by applying heavy pressure to wood in specialised machinery.

Because they are less expensive, burn hotter, and produce less smoke and ash after burning out, these briquettes make excellent fuel for home heating. Compared to logs, wood briquettes produce about 50% more heat per pound spent and have a moisture content of less than 10%. They are simple to store until they are kept in a dry place and can be divided into smaller pieces for smaller stoves. Don't be afraid to burn them alone or in combination with logs. 

Buy Wood shavings onlineWhen wood is shaped or planed using carpentry tools or machinery like planers and milling machines, wood shaving is the waste that results. Although the size and shape of wood shavings can be customised, they are not predetermined.

Wood shavings are typically flat, thin curls that come off of wood when it is processed through a planer or planning machine. They pile up well into enormous heaps and are soft. Wood shaving mounds provide a calming effect.