Wood Pellets: 3 Reasons to Consider This Low-Carbon Renewable Fuel for Home Heating

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If you’re thinking about moving to plastic pallets, we’ll go over the best instances and arguments in favor of doing so

Renewable Across the Board

Making wood pellets for burning from carbon-neutral wood fiber is a creative way to use wood waste produced during the production of other goods.

Through the creation of lumber, flooring, cabinets, millwork, and furniture, staggering amounts of wood "waste" (sawdust, wood chips, shavings, etc.) are produced daily.

Pellet producers buy these leftover clean wood residues that would otherwise be viewed as "waste" and sent to landfills and engineer them into an effective heating fuel.

Pellet producers purchased 8.8 million tonnes of waste from upstream factories making wood products in 2020 alone.

A Necessary Low-Carbon Option

Burning fossil fuels for energy is a major cause of the atmosphere's rising carbon dioxide levels. By recycling the carbon dioxide released during combustion in the regeneration of the forests grown to meet the demand from the forest products industry, which it depends on for fibre, wood pellet fuel breaks this cycle.

The demand for higher carbon-intensity fossil fuels like heating oil and propane is replaced by the low-carbon alternative offered bywood pellets A1 Classfuel for home heating.

Contributing to the Local Economy

6mm Wood Pellets for salealso create jobs in the logging, trucking, and maintenance industries in addition to those in their own facilities.

It's also important to note thatPremium wood pellets for salefor residential heating totaled $500 million in 2020, with many of these sales going to independently owned small business owners.

People have been using wood to heat their homes for thousands of years. People adore the idea of ​​a wood fire heating their home, whether it be in a fireplace or a campfire. Wood burning has always had a special place in our hearts, whether it be because of the roar of the flames, the aroma of burning wood, or the pops and crackles of the fire. Wood heating initially appeared to have lost favor as a result of recent developments in heating technology, but it has since made a comeback thanks to pellet burning, a more recent method of wood heating. Using environmentally friendly Lignetics cheap pellets online from Koopman Lumber to heat your home with a pellet stove is a great way to make your home feel cozy now and in the future.

If you already own a wood pellet stove, order Wood Granules 6mm , we would be honored to serve as your local source for wood pellets this winter. Here are some justifications for thinking about using wood pellet heating for your home if you don't already.