Knowledgeable, Skilled, and Dedicated Child Custody Attorneys in Orange County

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Throughout the years, I have practiced in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Riverside counties, primarily in the area of Family Law. As a former Attorney for Legal Aid, I met victims of domestic violence.

Dolores Lopez uses her vast experience with skill and dedication to resolve complex family disputes like divorce and child custody arrangements. Our child custody attorneys in Orange County have the required skill and expertise to win your child's rights by following the legal mandates in California. We're a bunch of dedicated family law experts who have a proven track record of delivering excellent results for every client we represent.

Our Child custody attorneys in Orange County are here to advise you every step of the way with your child's best interest at heart. Dolores Lopez and her team use their extensive know-how to ensure that you and your children have a comfortable future ahead with all necessary facilities for nurturing them.

We Represent you Passionately.

Our child custody attorneys are always mindful that the opposing party is also part of the family. We represent our clients with complete integrity, using the facts of the case to deliver real-time legal solutions.

Dolores Lopez believes that your family disputes don't have to be tempered with contempt and negative tactics. This is why we take extra care to ensure that the child's well-being is represented efficiently in front of the court. This has made us the best child custody attorneys in Orange County.

We offer legal consultation and representation in:

● Child Custody
● Divorce
● Limited Scope Representation
● Spousal Support
● Mediation
● Attorney's Fee
● Domestic Violence
● Child Support
● Paternity
● Modifications after orders: Pre and Post Judgment Modification
● Nuptial: Prenuptial and Postnuptial agreements
● Discovery and Improper Discovery
● Move Away Orders
● Asset Division

From divorce to child custodianship, Dolores Lopez and her talented family attorneys are here to fight for your interests in Orange County, California. Contact us at (714) 733-7065 for representation in your family dispute and find the best solution for you, your child, and your family.