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                               17 LIVE  CLONE


It takes a lot of effort and money to build a live video streaming service from the ground up. Using a Bigo clone to build a live streaming application is the best option.

An improved speed performance and responsive design must be coupled with the 17 Live Clone App's user-friendly interface. The user must find it simple to tap, record, and immediately share high-definition movies.

It is vital to provide the option to switch between a public and private live stream mode. They should be able to pick out specific contacts from their buddy list and restrict access to them only when in private mode. Additionally, the user should have access to a list of recently broadcast live videos, live comments, and


Appcodes to Appkodes can be viewed. Livza is a living replica.

across the globe in locations including Japan, Taiwan, the US, and India, aims to live by the 17LIVE Core Values that have been formed as the company's culture in order to realise their aspirations and enjoy amazing lives.

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