How to apply for the claim from the packers movers bangalore

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After receiving the covered items and a finding of any damage Follow these steps to make an insurance claim:

If you move your belongings from one location to the next it is possible for damages to happen. You'll need to pull cash from your wallet in order to repair or replace it. This can be avoided by insuring your items. It's generally recommended to protect your possessions prior to moving. 

However, there's an obligation to be able to insure. It is worth studying some tips from the best packers movers bangalore to maximize the value of your insurance. Keep in mind that you only submit a claim in the event that goods were damaged during transport.

After receiving the covered items and a finding of any damage Follow these steps to make an insurance claim:


Each Packers And Movers Bangalore or any other company has its own rules and terms to settle insurance-related claims. There are some standards which apply to almost every carrier:

  • After knowing about the moving requirements Pack your possessions and let them take care of the rest.
  • Within 14 days from the time of the delivery you must file an official claim by the courier or email.

Photograph the damaged merchandise and the packaging to include along with the claim form. In the event that an inspection is needed this cannot be scheduled until the damage evidence is examined.

Don't take the item from the delivery location or remove the packaging. If you attempt to open or move your item from the original location, the seller will determine that the damages occurred after the goods were delivered and the claim will be denied. It is difficult to prove that the damage occurred in transport.

Liability for Claim:

You can claim the full amount even if you have upgraded insurance on your property. It is still necessary to prove that repairs or replacement is higher than the amount you've purchased. If the items you have damaged are not insured by an enhanced insurance policy however, you'll still get the amount of compensation you would normally receive that is approximately Rs. 5000.

Additional Conditions and Exceptions for Enhanced Coverage

You're entitled to complete compensation if you've fulfilled the requirements above. However, you must be aware of these situations where you might not be covered in full:

  • In the event that the insurance payout is more than the repair costs
  • If the insurance reimbursement exceeds the cost of replacement

What are the reasons why a claim for damages can be denied?

Consider the remainder of the move prior to packing the items. Poor packing is the main reason for dismissals. Your items will be placed onto trucks, vans, transport lines, the x-ray equipment, and then taken off and loaded at different intervals.

There will be many packages. Therefore, the packaging should be completed as needed. If the products inside the package are damaged, however the packaging remains intact then your claim is likely to be rejected.

  • The boxes are not properly cushioned within the box.
  • Weight of contents can't support the weight of contents by packaging.
  • Joints and openings are not securely secured.
  • You do not submit the claim form along with sufficient documentation to prove the damaged items within 14 days after the date of delivery.
  • If it is delivered, it is not noted in any way as "damaged" and "unchecked."
  • The damaged items aren't listed in any list of compensatory items

The claim procedure

Provide the receipt from the purchase from packers movers bangalore to show the thing's value if you've got other records which prove the loss to your possessions.

Take photos of the damage as well as supporting documents including photos of the damaged objects as well as pictures of the inside and outside packaging that shows tears and cuts.

The insurance provider will examine the evidence you supply and will respond in writing a hard copy within 7 working days and, if needed, approve an examination of the damage.

The company that delivered your shipment will collect it and provide the results in no more than 5 days. The company won't hold your cargo for longer than 5 days.

If you are working with the best packers movers bangalore within your region you will be able to avoid the entire process. If your items are damaged following the move, you can get advice from a reputable insurance provider.