Top Italian Restaurants In Northeast Philadelphia

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Northeast Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania. The city is popular for its large population of Italian immigrants, making it steeped in Italian heritage.

This is no surprise that Philly has the largest variety of top Italian dining scenes that feature the best of Italian cuisines created with a modern touch. From traditional “red sauce” spots to modern restaurants with world-acclaimed chefs, the city has the best to offer when it comes to Italian cuisine. Here are the best Italian and BYOB restaurant in Philadelphia.


This is a popular spot known for its Italian soul food. The restaurant offers a wide menu with lots of shared plates and classic dishes. You can dine with your family for lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch. If you are looking for a great dish, you should try their pork shank with plum mostarda and gnocchi fritti.

Le Virtu

Le Virtu embraces the variety of Italian regional traditions, which is the core of Italian cuisine. They have the best masterminds creating a variety of cuisines typical to this region. Their products are locally sourced, and some of their delicacies are imported from Abruzzo.

Palizzi Social Club

Palizzi Socia Club is one of the most exclusive dining spots in the city. It’s a members-only restaurant that has been making the best traditional Italian delicacies and cocktails since 1918. They have a lot to offer on their menu, including Galliano, stromboli, ravioli vasto, stuffed artichokes, ricotta cheese pie and negronis. There’s also Godfather vibe you get when you dine in a space like this.

Villa di Roma

You can't make a list of the best Philadelphia Italian restaurants center city without including Villa di Roma. This restaurant belongs to the DeLuca family, and it's been serving home-style Italian food since the early '60s. Their menu is a bit expensive , covering every meal you can think of, from ricotta stuffed manicotti, to veal parmigiana, shrimp scampi and luscious tartufo, but the red sauce is the star of the party.

Victor Cafe

This is one of the oldest spots in town. Its doors were opened in 1918 as a gramophone shop, but it was later transformed into a restaurant in 1933. This restaurant provides everything you want, from music to food. the waiters, who are trained opera singers, serve the customers with a live performance every 20 minutes. For more information about Italian Restaurants Visit our website.

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