Tianxiang Biography of Fairy Couples Romance _ Pai Pai Novels

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Anyway, things are almost over. I looked at Zhang Junshan and Nalanbai who came to me. "Do you want to go?"

Anyway, things are almost over. I looked at Zhang Junshan and Nalanbai who came to me. "Do you want to go?" If you don't go, there will be no end. It doesn't matter. Zhang Junshan sighed, "I thought I could fight a big war." "I'll fight with you one day." Nalanbai suddenly said. All right, that's settled. Zhang Junshan looked at him with his eyes shining. I'll beat your ass and your teeth all over the floor. "Don't be so cruel," said Nalanbai with a smile. "Our family will be angry." …… Are all men in the world like this? Resisting the urge to roll my eyes, I ignored them and walked toward the water God. Brother Shui San, there are still people over there. I pointed to the woods. Master Xingde, who had come to one side, immediately motioned to go down to the woods. Thank you, benefactress, for coming to help. Master Xing De Li Dao. Master, don't mention it. Master has helped me. I said, blushing slightly. We couldn't have been so well prepared without your notice. Zhang Zhi came over, and Jiang Shangchun, a policeman who looked as if he was not doing his job properly, said, "Miss Fu is better informed than us." I shook my head with a smile. "Actually, it's not my credit." Thought, these people who attack Guangxiao Temple at night are really unlucky,foldable bulk container, black and white, political and business circles all met. Jiang Shangchun looked at me deeply for a while (still wearing half a mask), then turned to the water God Yun and Master Xingde and said, "I'll take these people back to the police station first, and I'll contact them if I have anything." "Come on, come on, just tell him if you have anything." The water God Yun pointed to Master Xingde and Zhang Zhi. Then he turned his head and winked at me and opened his arms to embrace me. Cai Ling,spill plastic pallet, I miss you so much. Please invite me to dinner again. You don't know what Zhang Zhi let me eat these two days-instant noodles. I will be malnourished. Nalanbai, who rushed over, took me in his arms and said to him in a cold voice, "I advise you not to hold things that don't belong to you." "Who says she's not mine?" Shui Shen Yun is also interested. "I saved her life. I can do whatever I want. What's your opinion?" "You only saved her once." Nalanbai curled his lips. "I'll save you again when I'm free." Waiting for you to save me? I'm afraid you won't have a chance in your life. The water God promised to look at him provocatively, "Cai Ling, don't you think?" "How can I not have a chance? I'll beat you half to death and send you to the hospital now." Nalanbai snorted coldly. Hit me? All right, you come. …… "Please come to Liuke Zhai for a cup of tea." Master Xingde laughed, while Zhang Zhi, with a sullen face, looked at his allies who had been fighting fiercely for most of the night. Thank you, Master. When he left, he gave me a complicated look. I inexplicably pulled Zhang Junshan, "Brother Zhang?" "Let's go too." Zhang Junshan held back his smile, regardless of the two men who said that they were red-faced and could not fight. ※※※※※※ "Master, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet manufacturer, what are the benefits of the relic of the Sixth Patriarch? Why do cults and Japanese come to steal it?" "Japanese?" Another monk wearing a cassock gauze asked doubtfully. "Ask the policeman tomorrow and you'll know," said Nalan. The monk closed his eyes and murmured, "Amitabha." I originally came to this land to pass on the Dharma to save infatuation. A flower with five leaves will bear fruit. This is a Dharma poem written by the Bodhidharma Patriarch to the Second Patriarch Huike. Master Xingde twirled the beads and said slowly, "The purpose of Bodhidharma Patriarch's coming to the East of China was to follow the teachings of his teacher, in order to use Buddhism to save all sentient beings who have lost their way.". His teacher once said, 'When crossing the river, I meet the sheep again, and I live alone and cross the river in the dark. There are two pitiful elephant horses under the sun, and two tender osmanthus trees are prosperous for a long time. It means that you will travel across mountains and rivers, pass through Guangzhou, and then cross the Yangtze River in a panic. There will be two elephants and one horse, planting two evergreen trees that will not be defeated for a long time. At that time, when "one flower blossoms five leaves", all the goals will be achieved. The so-called "one flower opens five leaves" refers to a holy lotus of Huineng, the sixth ancestor, which opens five beautiful flowers. They are Linji Sect, Yangyang Sect, Caodong Sect, Yunmen Sect and Dharma Eye Sect. However, since the Sixth Patriarch of Huineng established the sect, he directly preached the gist of "not passing on outside the religion, not setting up words, pointing directly to the human heart, and seeing the nature and becoming a Buddha". As expected, he launched a generation of Zen heat wave that influenced all fields of Chinese culture and even the world cultural trend. It lasted for thousands of years and lasted for a long time. He launched the tireless pursuit of the ethereal state of mind of "how many apprentices seek wonderful methods and realize that there is no life "You can imagine how great the influence of the relic of the Sixth Patriarch on the world of mortals is.." In the near future, it will be the Buddha's birthday, when the Buddhist Federation at home and abroad and other Taoist federations, Islam, Confucianism, the Anglican Church, Catholicism.. I don't know what will happen if I find that the relics of the Sixth Patriarch in the Buddhist treasures are missing or suddenly appear in the hands of other cults or state sects, Amitabha. In just a few words, he immediately taught us the importance of the relic of the Sixth Patriarch. It is not a bone, it is a religious spiritual seal that affects the whole of China. In that case, someone will come to Guangxiao Temple to steal the relics until the Buddha's birthday. Suddenly someone broke the silence and said. In a few days, the government should send someone to help guard the relic. "Then let's do our best for the country these days." A man who followed Zhang Zhilai's bold words attracted others to echo one after another. Nalanbai and Zhang Junshan also said, "If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. Don't stand on ceremony." "Amitabha, thank you, benefactors." "Oh, monk, when you have finished thanking me, please ask someone to serve some vegetarian food. I'm starving to death." The water God allows the most effort, but also the most hungry. Ah? Chapter 25 stolen "Ah-is that you?!" "Yes," the water God answered lazily,plastic trash bins, "Miss obstinate, we meet again." What are you doing here? Get out of here. You're not welcome here. Zhang Xinmo blushed with anger. You are not the master of this house. You don't welcome me. Others welcome me. The water God allows the heart not to be in the way, around the house a circle of eyes sharply aimed at Zhang Xinmo to come to the opposite house. cnplasticpallet.com