Dongfang Yu slams the devil with a sword

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This "Wuji God Finger" of the three people is not only better than Shangguan Jing's

This "Wuji God Finger" of the three people is not only better than Shangguan Jing's "Huizhao God Palm" and Shen Xuegu's "Wuji God Finger". Slow one step, even than Shen Xuegu then sent out the "split knife" is also slightly behind. Just because of this point slightly behind, it happened that the "split knife" cut the sleeve of Huang Mei Lao Dao and shot when he was discouraged by a silver robe. It was also just when Huang Mei Lao Dao jumped up and had not yet landed that three wisps of wind hit Huang Mei Lao Dao's knees and feet. Ankle, etc. If Huang Mei Lao Dao's True Qi is not released, with Shen Xuegu's skill, a "Wuji God Finger" can't hurt him, Li The "Wuji God Finger" used by Xiao Yun and other three people naturally could not hurt him. But at this time, the silver robe was discouraged (not all his kungfu was released), and the man did not fall to the ground, and when he was caught off guard, he felt a sharp pain in his knees. (The sharp pain was only caused by the wind, not the wound.) He fell to the ground quickly and could hardly stand. No one can imagine that Shangguan Jing and Shen Xuegu joined hands to defeat the so-called first master of the underworld. Eyebrow! How exciting is this? There was an unexpected smile on everyone's face. Huangmei Laodao really capsized in the gutter this time. He was frustrated again and again. He was so angry that his green crab face turned into cooked green. Crab, red and purple! With a murderous look in his eyes, he gave a strange laugh and said, "I don't.." "Ha ha!" With a laugh, the yellow-shirted guest and the white-haired fairy took two quick steps forward and said with a smile, "Yellow eyebrow Taoist friend, long." The waves behind the river drive on the waves before. We are all over 100 years old. What do we have to haggle over with these young people? Brother, this Little brother has taken your three moves. This festival is over. Let's go! Huangmei Laodao can't see it? Huang Yun monster both came out, although the words are to persuade themselves, actually for Shangguan Jing. The meaning of! Imagine that you can't even cope with these two young men and women,alloy die casting, and if you add a demon and a monster, won't you be unable to finish eating? Walk? Wouldn't it be even more impossible to get off the stage at that time? As soon as he thought of this, he laughed and said, "I can't imagine a hundred years of cultivation." It is not as good as the disciples taught by the natural master and the tone of the thousand hands. The old man always speaks like a mountain. This little brother took over the old man. Three strokes, tonight this festival, naturally exposed, yellow shirt road brother why take words to run the old man? Shangguan Jing hurriedly folded his fists and said,deep draw stamping, "The Taoist Priest has cultivated himself for a hundred years. How dare I mention them in the same breath?"? Barely take the next track. Long three strokes, really very lucky, Taoist word nine tripods, I am very grateful. "Ha ha!" The yellow-browed Taoist gave a strange laugh. He nodded and said, "My little brother has both Buddhist and Taoist skills. I've made three moves." Defeat, why not say? The elder brother in yellow shirt is right. The waves behind the Yangtze River drive on the waves before. This generation is the age of your young people. These old immortals should have retired from Linquan long ago and not asked about right and wrong. At this point, he bowed his hand to the yellow-shirted couple and said, Old Brother Xian and his wife, please. The yellow-shirted guest took a deep look at Shangguan Jing and Shen Xuegu and said with a smile, "Little brother, and this little sister, are you young?" Ji gently, can have such cultivation, can be said to be a rare talent, promising, CNC machining parts ,deep draw stamping, I hope you take care of yourself "" "My elder brother and Zhuo Jing will no longer walk in the world of mortals as soon as they say goodbye. If you have time in the future, you can go to the back hill of Qingcheng to see me." Men. On the one hand, he said, "Yinshan Li Da Chew has become a'Xuanbing Palm ', except that you join hands with Shaolin San." A monk is not necessarily his opponent. "Yes," said the white-haired fairy delicately, "the scenery of the hills behind Qingcheng is quiet. You must come." Shangguan Jing felt a burst of gratitude in his heart. "Elder brother and sister-in-law," he said hurriedly, "I've been so favored by you two. If I am free, I will go to see you two. "Thank you for your advice, elder brother," he said. Shen Xuegu also folded her fists and said, "Thank you, elder brother and sister-in-law. Forgive my younger sister for not being far away." Huang Mei Lao Dao looked at the two of them and turned around and said, "No wonder the elder brother in the yellow shirt is so interested in them. Even the brothers think they can Love. ” The three of them floated out of the cave. A soul-stirring competition, finally turned hostility into friendship! Now that the three peerless old devils have left, everyone's heavy heart will naturally be put down. Old Lady Shangguan saw that her son and the prospective daughter-in-law (she had already regarded Shen Xuegu as her daughter-in-law) could join hands. The victory is better than the yellow eyebrow, and after his defeat, there is no complaint gap, the heart is naturally overjoyed. Now that the situation has been settled, only Li Dachou, the ancestor of Yinshan Mountain on the right of the Great Grottoes, and three masters of Shaolin, Zhicheng, Zhiqian, and Zhinan, are doing it. As a result, two masters have been injured in his hands! Forty years ago, Li Dajue was shot down from a cliff by Master Tianci with a "Bright Fist". He always took it to heart, so he met the Shaolin Monk People, can not help but bring up the past, insist on trying Shaolin Temple's "Guangming Quan" can not! He became famous for himself sixty or seventy years ago. In his eyes, Zhicheng and the other three were just descendants of the Shaolin Temple. "All three of you can do it together," he said. But Master Zhiqian and the other three are no longer the young monks of sixty or seventy years ago. Now they are the chief elders of the three courtyards and halls of the Shaolin Temple, namely, Bodhidharma, Discipline, and White Clothes. How can they be willing to join hands to attack? Master Zhi Nan joined the eleven courtesies and said, "Elder Martial Brothers, since this old benefactor Li has indicated that he wants to try the'light 'of our temple." Fist, then let the younger brother go up and meet him first. You should know that he is in charge of the Hall of White Clothes. The Hall of White Clothes is in charge of the "Fist Spectrum". Naturally, he is skilled in boxing. "Bright Fist" is a variety of It is the first skill of boxing, and also the best stunt of the master of wisdom. The Shaolin Temple has seventy-two skills, and the elders of each courtyard and hall are good at martial arts. Each is different, that is because it is impossible for a person to learn all the 72 arts, to teach according to his ability,die casting parts, and to teach his own in the future. Elective. Among them, there are different aptitudes. Some people specialize in one skill all their lives, while others are proficient in several kinds of martial arts and are skilled in diligence. All the elders of the Shaolin Temple have a special skill.