Cover the sky

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Bloody, although Jinwu Emperor also suffered heavy losses in the thunder robbery, covered

Bloody, although Jinwu Emperor also suffered heavy losses in the thunder robbery, covered with blood, but the fighting spirit is unparalleled, do their best to hit the door. And the most terrible thing is that the endless disaster landed, all hit on the immortal gate, extremely violent, let people mind great shock. At this moment, everyone is bloodstained, passive to withstand lightning strikes, want to fight, but afraid of robbery, not to fight and too uncomfortable. Ye Fan took the green tripod, retreated decisively, and left here. But this piece of heaven is too vast, in the process, he was constantly attacked, which made him smile bitterly, in the past he had used this method to attack the enemy, the town opponent, never thought that one day someone would also use this to deal with him, also tasted this taste. Even though he had always been fearless of the sea of thunder and tempered his physique with thunder, he had to take shelter at this time, because this was the most terrible thunder in the world, and if he was burned, it would be very bad. He still wants to fight for the fairy road, and he doesn't have time to deal with these things. Several of the other Supremes also regressed and came to the edge of the false fairy land, which was vast enough to be comparable to the vast galaxy, and they looked on coldly. In the process of retreat, everyone was struck by lightning, dusty face, even skin and flesh,hydraulic fitting supplier, bloody, because they did not go to fight with all their strength, for fear of leading to disaster. Emperor Jinwu sang, resonating with this piece of the world. Like a fairy king, he hit the gate of heaven many times and killed it with a great plunder. In the rumbling sound, the gap of the Fairy Gate widened a little, but it did not shake after all. When.. The big bell is leisurely, and the golden black God bell made of gold is burning. The impact of the Tao wave, through the gap, is going to enter the fairy land. Overreach yourself. You don't have a real Dzogchen yet. You want to become an immortal. I don't know how you died! Several supreme sneers. The Jinwu Emperor came just in time, and they were going to sacrifice him alive. Coincidentally,12 needle valve, including Ye Fan, all have to prepare to make a move, using taboo means, to kill the old Jinwu in front of the gate of heaven, for blood sacrifice. However, those who become emperors are psychic, especially now that he has been recognized by heaven and earth. Emperor Jinwu has been baptized by the Tao all over his body. In an instant, he realizes that he cannot become an immortal at the moment. Moreover, if the delay continues, there will be a great disaster. He turned back with endless plagues. Kill! Several big supreme hands, but also change color, infinite day plunder, they were submerged again. Boom! In the brilliant light, there was a fierce battle here, several supreme a little depressed, dare not go all out to kill, because of fear of God. But even so, the place was boiling and the sky was falling apart. Poof! Emperor Jinwu exploded, covered with blood, and the sky was full of golden feathers flying, but he soon reorganized his body, let out a whine, 38 tube fitting ,14 tube fitting, and rushed out. When.. The golden bell shook, then exploded with a bang, and as soon as it was born, it was smashed and turned into gold fragments all over the sky. Jin Wudi's blood splashed on the gate of heaven, making it rumble, and the gap widened again, as if to open. The demon clan emperor roars in the mouth, the wind and thunder are strong, the chaotic thunder explodes and flashes, he does not hesitate to bring about a devastating disaster, pulls the catastrophe to land, splits to all people. I have to say, it's really scary. But several supreme people, who also came from this step, used the taboo secret art, launched an attack again. Although Jinwu Emperor was far away, his body was blown up three times in a row, and each time it was reorganized and burst open, and the place was stained with blood, but he eventually escaped with the fragments of the bell. I'm lucky to survive, but I may not be able to complete it. "He's in a bad state, but he's completely asking for it. Even the perfect emperor dares to compete with us. His ambition is too great!" Several people in the rear were sneering. Suddenly, Wanlong Emperor changed color, and he found the white tiger Taoist with blood on his mouth, showing a satisfied look. The blood of Jinwu Taoist was not only sacrificed on the gate of heaven, but also part of it was swallowed by White Tiger Taoist, who had just been closest to get this opportunity. Originally he was one of the targets of hunting, already weak, the result is now added to the blood, even recovered more than half. "As you can see, the golden bird is not perfect yet, but his blood also has a function. It makes the gap of the opening of the gate of heaven much bigger. Why don't we calm down and send the holy body on the road first?" The beast God suggested so. I'm fine with it! The White Tiger Taoist nodded. After drinking blood, he had confidence. He was already calm and fearless. Then it's settled. We'll get rid of him first. We can't attack each other before. This time we have to abide by the agreement. Wanlong Huangdao, the purple and gold imperial vessels on his head are shining with terrible light. Terran Eucharist, we would like you to help me open this door, or you understand the consequences! The flickering red wings of the phoenix vibrated with gold, and there was a merciless roar. The four supreme cut off the immortal road, blocked Ye Fan there, one by one, let him go to attack the gate of heaven, or kill him together. As soon as Ye Fan waved his hand, the green bronze tripod fell and appeared in his palm, glittering and translucent, green and shining. Boom! Suddenly, before Ye Fan had any movement, behind him, the gate of heaven opened slowly, revealing a bizarre, vast and unpredictable world of immortals!. Chapter 1766 of the main text. Chapter 1766 in front of the Heaven Gate. In front of the gate of heaven, Ye Fan, Wan Long Huang, White Tiger Taoist, and so on, had already been killed to the white-hot, everyone was seriously injured, covered with blood, and even Sendai was cracked. 9 Ye Fan is naturally the focus of attention, everyone wants to get rid of him ahead of time, but there is Chengxian Ding defense, he has never fallen. In fact, there is another important reason, Ye Fan has a blood pill from the ancient supreme body, comparable to the magic medicine, if not taken at the right time, perhaps he really died long ago. In this fierce fight, he was seriously injured and dying several times, but after swallowing the blood Dan, he recovered immediately, and he had a great advantage. Otherwise,38 needle valve, he should have been a dead man, no matter how powerful he was, he could not stop the repeated killing of several supreme men.