Genius Girl Traveling in Jianghu

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When Lian Tian said this, he spat out his tongue lightly. Suddenly he frowned again and said

When Lian Tian said this, he spat out his tongue lightly. Suddenly he frowned again and said, "I was reckless, too. I didn't get my father's permission." Alas! Later, my father had always been at odds with my master. He always felt that the master had taken me away. So every time I went back to the door, my father was very unhappy. Now the master wanted me to take over the door. My father was so angry that he said he would break off the father-son relationship with me! But my master is really good to me, I really don't want to disobey him, but my father. Pianran, what do you think I should do? Lian Tian scratched his head in distress, and a young and handsome face was twisted into a bitter melon. So are you close to your master or your father? Glanced at him lightly. In terms of blood relationship, it's natural to be close to my father, but my master saved my life and taught me from an early age. His feelings with me are also called father and teacher. How can I choose? Lian Tian sighed heavily again. Is that what's bothering you? That's why you ran out of Youdao City to find me? Yes, I really don't know what to do! Pianran, what do you think I should do? "Didn't you try to solve the problem between your master and your father?" He frowned lightly. Why not? I specially booked a banquet at the time-honored Juyuan Building and made an appointment with my father and my master. Who knows, when they met, they not only got drunk,collapsible pallet box, but also fought! I couldn't stop him. My father lifted the table and said that if I inherited a door, he would not recognize me as a son! Pianran, what do you think happened to my father and my master? Why is fire and water so incompatible? "Fire and water are incompatible?" As she murmured, she looked up at Lian Tian and suddenly said, "Do your father and your master have any old grudges?" How is that possible? They don't know each other at all. How can they have any old grudges? Lian Tian shook his head, in fact,collapsible pallet box, he also thought about this possibility, but throughout his father and his master's life circle, there is no intersection at all! His father was a famous merchant in Youdao City, but his master was just a swordsman wandering in Jianghu before he became the Lord of the city. This is simply two worlds of people, how can there be any grudges? If you're so sure, why did you call me here? I don't know your father and your master. Do you want me to help you persuade them? "That.." That one Looking suspiciously at Lian Tian's hesitant appearance, he could not help raising his voice and said, "You don't have anything to tell me, do you?" "Well, here's the thing." Lian Tian paused and said as if he had made up his mind, "Pianran, secondary containment pallet ,plastic pallet crates, I didn't tell you something, but I did. Don't be angry!" "Tell me." He couldn't help staring at him. What the hell is this guy doing? "My father and my master arranged a marriage for me in order to hold me in the palm of their hands, but I don't like either of them, and I don't want to choose one and offend the other, so.." Lian Tian secretly looked at Yi Pianran and found that her expression had not changed much. Then he swallowed his saliva and continued: "So I lied to them that I already had a girl I liked!" "You don't mean me, do you?" Yi Pianran finally understood the meaning of practicing the sky. Uh.. It seems to be. What seems to be! That's what it is! This guy deliberately brought her to Youdao City, so he wanted to use her as cannon fodder! You can imagine how wonderful her future will be! Pianran suddenly remembered the palace drama "Legend of Zhen Huan" that she had seen. Her days in Youdao City would not be spent in the jealousy of a group of people, would they? What kind of trouble did this training day give her? "It's better to live in the world." He muttered lightly. She hates to communicate with people, because some people's intestines are like eighteen bends in the mountain road, and they don't want to show their heart. She doesn't like to waste time on such people very much. Pianran, you won't go back to Youdao City with me, will you? Lian Tian looked at Yi Pianran pitifully. "I don't promise that I will have a good look at them, including your father and your master, so do you still want me to go?" Yi Pianran frowned, she wanted to go back on her word, but Lian Tian helped her so much, if she pulled out at this time, it would be too heartless! "Yes!"! As long as you're willing to go! Lian Tian immediately smiled. He did not want to find a woman to marry, whether it is lively and lovely little bamboo sister or Wanghai Town Guo Shibo gentle and quiet little daughter Qin Xin, is not his ideal wife candidate! He's only twenty-two, and he doesn't want a wife! But if it's Pianran, he can think about it. Well, it's a pity that Pianran doesn't like him. Well, so depressing! But I do not know why, even if he knows that there is someone else in his heart, he still likes her, likes to be with her, even if he can't be a lover or a friend! "I'm afraid it won't work if I go. The problem is still your father and your master." He sighed lightly. But my father didn't listen to what I said. In fact, I thought about asking them what was going on. But as soon as I mentioned my master, my father immediately turned against me and left. I was powerless. Lian Tian smiled bitterly. Where's your mother? Asked Pianran suddenly. Eh? Lian Tian was stupefied and then said, "My mother is weak. My father built a quiet house for her. She doesn't usually go out of the house, and she doesn't like to be lively. Only when I go back, she comes out to have a reunion dinner with my father and me." Pianran narrowed her eyes slightly, but it was a little strange for her mother to practice the sky. Didn't your father live with your mother? Asked Pianran again. Eh? Lian Tian was stunned, as if he didn't know how to answer for a moment. Pianran looked at him, blinked faintly, and said,drum spill pallet, "Forget it, I'm too abrupt!"! This is your family's private affair, and I shouldn't interfere. 。