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Qin Xiaoyao looked at it for a while but also a little itchy so she also ran to see a small tree

Crazy base

Qin Xiaoyao looked at it for a while but also a little itchy so she also ran to see a small tree species asking for five thousand yuan But as a result no one dared to compete with her and the organizer He Gencong also clapped the hammer very respectfully and completed the jijiāo Yi So Qin Xiaoyao asked someone to open the package on the spot and the main part was identified The dwarf tree she bet on was worth about twenty thousand yuan which was a small profit of more than ten thousand yuan However Qin Xiaoyao looked very happy and was Electronic Chemicals interested in playing She said to Xu Linyuan "I'll go somewhere else to have a look Why don't you try it" Xu Linyuan came for a purpose this time but not to bet on Hu Huāmu He saw that Qin Xiaoyao had a lot of fun so he let her go to Taobao by herself and he saw that evil came to scan the whole area for half a day presumably there should be a result So he went to the evil side and said "What is the result of the analysis Is there any tree species we need" Evil to nod "Boss in this area found a total of 17 trees with biological protons and another three plants have the most primitive green nodules" "There are so many" Xu Linyuan heard immediately excited up So let the evil to point to the location of the distribution of those trees but he found that a few of them have been race away it is those small trees that bet on the rise just those people bid about a million suspected small cloud pine impressively among them However Xu Linyuan was the most interested in the small tree species with'green nodules' and when he came to one of them Xu Linyuan observed it first This is a small tree species that looks very unremarkable and very few people pay attention to it Xu Linyuan is a layman and he can't tell what kind of species it is but since there is a special biological variation component of'green nodule 'in it it shows that this small tree species should have undergone genetic variation So Xu Linyuan pointed to this small tree and said to He Gencong "He Tou how much is this one I'll take it" He Gencong was a little surprised He knew that Xu Linyuan was brought by Qin Xiaoyao but he could see that the young man was a novice No one had noticed the small tree he was referring to But the first time the novice was willing to bid He Gencong was very welcome so he said with a smile "The base price of this plant is two thousand yuan If no one bids it's yours" As he spoke He Gen said to a few people nearby who did not glance at him "This little brother offered two thousand yuan for this plant Is there anyone who can bid for it" The men saw that He Gencong was obviously not interested in the small tree species he was referring to and then ignored it So He Gencong clapped the hammer and said with a smile "Little brother congratulations on getting this small tree species for two thousand yuan" Then Xu Linyuan directly paid two thousand yuan in cash and He Gencong asked the staff to mark the small tree species indicating that someone had bought it and that no one else had the right to bet If you want Jijiāo Yi you have to go to the finished Jijiāo Yi area of the special mmén When Xu Linyuan saw that it was so easy to get one he was very excited So he pretended to look around and came to another small tree species After looking at it for a long time GlobalChemMall he pointed to it and said "He Tou how much is the base price of this one" He Gencong saw that the young man had made another move He took aim at the small tree species he was referring to which still did not attract much attention but he murmured in his heart that the boy really had no vision and bought hundreds of yuan But they bid but also a novice this business naturally to open mmén to do then announced in public said "This small tree has no bid" After the people around listened they looked at the plant and as a result they saw that it was hundreds of pieces of ordinary goods and then they didn't even look at it and they ignored it So Xu Linyuan bought a small tree species again at the price of 500 yuan However Xu Linyuan's action attracted the attention of a person who was Lao Guo He saw that the young man was a complete novice and although he was not very optimistic about the tree species he was betting on it did not prevent him from being a little interested in the young man So Lao Guo did not study the small tree species in front of him but silently observed the young man to see if he had any action As a result Lao Guo saw that after the young man had walked around the neighborhood he had taken a fancy to another tree species that also looked very unremarkable He was suspicious in his heart The little guy had chosen three trees in a row that others didn't like which was a little strange The third small tree with green nodules was a bit like a wild pecan tree Lao Guo only saw the variety at a glance but in this year it made him a little interested So Lao Guo came over and when he was ready to accept the price of one thousand yuan he finally opened his mouth and Electronic Chemicals said "I'll pay two thousand yuan" He Gencong was just about to make the final decision As soon as he heard that Lao Guo had come to bid he was overjoyed and said "Ladies and gentlemen Lao Guo has offered two thousand yuan for this small tree Are there any more bets" "Three thousand" Xu Linyuan glared at the old man who came to stir up trouble and his heart was very uncomfortable As soon as the others heard that Lao Guo had bid again they all gathered around and frowned when they saw that it was a mountain peach tree wondering if Lao Guo was setting up a trap again A young boss was cheated by Lao Guo just now so he said "Lao Guo aren't you bullying other novices This mountain peach tree is only five thousand yuan at most It's rare for other novices to bid Aren't you pounding Lu luàn" Old Kuo however paid no attention to the gossip of those people He carefully studied the hill-peach tree The more he looked at it the more he felt that there was a way of m mén Then he added "I'll give you five thousand" This was the last green plant Xu Linyuan was sure to get it Seeing that Lao Guo had raised the price again Xu Linyuan would never give up He vowed to get it so he shouted "Ten thousand" At that moment Qin Xiaoyao saw that everyone was gathered here so he came over and saw that Xu Linyuan wanted to buy a mountain peach tree He said strangely "I think this one will die for a few thousand yuan at most You are stupid Why did you buy it" Xu Linyuan said "Just think of it as Ji jiāo's tuition fee Anyway some people like it don't they" 。