What are the Methods to Add Contacts to Yahoo Mail?

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In this blog, we are going to discussion on How to add contacts to Yahoo mail

If the users are here reading this blog to know how to find contacts in Yahoo mail then they are at the right place as in this blog we are going to tell the users methods which the users are able to use add contacts. 

Adding Sender or Recipient to the Classic Yahoo Mail 

The users first need to open the email message and then they need to select the name of the person they want to add in their address book. 

Following this the users need to select the three dot icon so that they can open a list of actions. The users are supposed to select the option of add sender to contacts at the bottom of the list. 

After making all the changes the users are supposed to press on save button which will finish the procedure to add contact to Yahoo mail

Adding Email Addresses to Yahoo Classic Mail Contacts 

After the users have presses on settings option which they will find at the upper right corner of the mail following which the users need to tap on more settings tab. 

The users are now required to tap on the writing email tab which is there in the left pane of the window. 

The users now need to add the automatically new recipient to contacts and following this the users need to press on save button to finish adding sender vs recipient address.

We hope that the steps which we have provided to the users have been beneficial for them and they have been able to fix it and the users will be able to add the contacts they want.