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Super thiefSuper thiefSuper thiefSuper thiefSuper thiefSuper thiefSuper thief

"Let's play separately. It's more efficient." Feel that if this goes on, it is simply Fang Ying with him to upgrade, he did not have to make a move, Xiao Hua simply suggested that the two separate to kill the monster. Fang Ying naturally had no objection, and then two people occupied one side and began to commit suicide. Every time Fang Ying killed a monster, he would look at Xiao Hua. When he saw Xiao Hua was still there, he was very happy to kill the monster. See more, Xiao Hua can not find, but what can he do? Nothing can be done! This is a mistake that will lead to eternal hatred, this girl Fang Ying. If he made a move on her, the trouble in the future was just a thought, which made Xiao Hua tremble incomparably! So Xiao Hua can only painfully ignore the eyes that come over from time to time at that time, and try to concentrate on killing monsters. This kind of torturous pain lasted for a day and a night. During this period, Xiao Hua did not know how many times he hoped that Fang Ning could send a message to rescue him, but Fang Ning and Piaoling were busy dealing with the NPC, devoting themselves to transforming the house into an ideal form,fake ficus tree, completely leaving him behind. At noon the next day, Xiao Hua finally received the news of arsenic. In Fang Ying's reluctance to leave, Xiao Hua left the place of level training as quickly as he was liberated and met with arsenic in the city. Good luck with the 7 bottles of higher resistance potion, but I don't know if you can use it. Arsenic was very excited. He had been so short of money recently that he had not refined the potion so freely for a long time. Cold Body Protection (Mutation): a benign mutation potion that appears when refining a normal potion. Its effect is comparable to that of a master potion. It is immune to normal burn damage after use. The effect lasts for 30 seconds! Immune to ordinary burn damage, this Xiao Hua really has no bottom, only to take a test in the lava cave to know whether it is useful. Taking the resistance potion from the arsenic, Xiao Hua ran to the lava cave again. With the experience of going in and out,artificial banyan trees, Xiao Hua soon reached the innermost lava cave again. Facing the red rock ground again, standing on the ground just one step away from the red rock, Xiao Hua did not think much about it and drank a bottle of cold body protection resistance potion directly! Feeling a chill in his body, Xiao Hua immediately called out the illusion and walked over. If the potion doesn't work, he doesn't have to think about anything, just give up and go back to the city. The illusion of a foot on the red rock, without any damage, the potion produced an effect! Seeing this, Xiao Hua quickly let the false image run towards the flame giant. There are only seven chances to get close to the flame giant, and I don't know how many times I can touch the flame giant. Potion effect is only 30 seconds, from entering the red rock ground to sneak to the magma area, cherry blossom wedding centerpiece ,artificial grass panels, it takes time; although the magma has not been touched, but Xiao Hua is sure that if the characters touch a little, it will not be a good end! The flame giant is not standing still, so when the false image reaches the edge of the magma area, the flame giant just moves to the edge of the magma where the false image is located, so that the false image has a chance to contact the flame giant! The speed of the false image under stealth is much faster than that of normal walking. Xiao Hua looks at the system time and calculates it silently. From entering the red rock floor to walking to the magma, it took a total of 16 seconds, as if there were 14 seconds waiting for the flame giant to walk to the edge of the magma. As a matter of fact, when the Phantom stalks near the edge of the magma. Xiao Hua has another problem to worry about. 90% of the big BOSS in the second world can see through stealth. If this flame giant also has the ability to break stealth, he has no other way but to give up! But luck seems to be good, or the system did not set the flame giant too BT. Because whether it is the red rock dwarf with a burning aura in front or the red rock ground at the foot of the illusion, it has the function of breaking stealth, 99% of the players just rely on stealth, simply can not get close to the flame giant's side! The flame giant has no ability to break the stealth, and the illusion has been docked at the edge of the magma area, waiting for the flame giant to come. In the big boiling magma, the flame giant's movement speed is very slow, the position of walking is not too fixed and regular, Xiao Hua also can not grasp where the flame giant will approach the edge of the magma. Seeing that the time for the effect of the potion was approaching, Xiao Hua decisively let the illusion step into the magma! Chapter 114 rules and opportunities. —10000! The moment you step into the magma. A five-digit fiery red burn injury floated on the head of the false image! The same as the burn injury, at this time the cold body protection agent still exists, but failed to play a role in resistance! It seems that this is the mutation of the cold body can not resist the non-ordinary burn injury, fierce! Xiao Hua thought of the attribute that the cold protective agent can only be immune to ordinary burn damage, and could not help sweating at the high burn damage of the magma, and fell into it only to die! Previously, Xiao Hua also thought that if the damage caused by the magma was not too high, when the flame giant approached the false image, even if it had not reached the edge of the magma, if it was only two or three steps away, he could let the false image step on the magma and rush to steal. But now this result also let Xiao Hua heart that a trace of luck completely removed! Now that the burning problem on the red rock floor has been successfully solved, the next step is to find out the movement law of the flame giant, so that the false image can cooperate with the law when it moves. When the flame giant approaches the edge of the magma, the false image also moves to the edge of the magma at about the same time, and then it can carry out the stealing operation. Potion is limited, next, Xiao Hua honestly began to observe the movement of the flame giant up. Although the distance is very far, but the flame giant is very huge, Xiao Hua is not difficult to observe,large ficus tree, the problem is that although the movement of the flame giant is extremely slow, the law almost does not exist. It is completely free to move autonomously in the magma area. Xiao Hua did not give up the observation of nearly an hour long, finally not have to admit that the flame giant is indeed no law of movement.