Fox Xianggong by Leaping Flame

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Fox Xianggong by Leaping FlameFox Xianggong by Leaping FlameFox Xianggong by Leaping FlameFox Xianggong by Leaping Flame

The door of the study behind him was closed and the window was open. Outside the window was a dark courtyard. Although the corridor was lit with lanterns, the faint light could not shine far. The lanterns swayed in the night wind, and the dim light fluctuated constantly in the dark night, which increased the depth of the night. In this way, the green and vibrant bamboo forest in the daytime stands ferociously in the dark corner at this time, with rustling bamboo leaves, always feeling that something is hidden in the dark depths. Is eyeing her covetously. Sang Niang swallowed saliva and stepped back. The body touched something hard. Sang Niang suddenly felt her hair stand on end. I was still some distance away from the desk just now! How to step back, the body then leaned on it? If it's not a desk, what is it that you're leaning against?! Sang Niang turned her head slowly and mechanically. The air seemed to freeze. Sang Niang could almost hear the sound of her neck joints as she turned her head. Cardiac arrest. Breathe and hold your breath. Sang Niang turned around and saw an expressionless face. His facial features were blurred and covered with ferocious scars and wounds. The only thing that was clearly discernible was the pale eyes, which were now looking down at Sang Niang. The intense cold air swept in with the eyes like that. Sang Niang was so surprised that a scream stuck in her throat. With a sudden push, he retreated by force. Behind the white eyes Ren a congealed, ferocious stiff then chased over. Sang Niang saw that she was forced into a corner and had no place to go. As soon as her waist was warm,faux ficus tree, a pair of arms came out of the wide open window behind her and hugged her around the waist and then she left the room, avoiding the fatal blow of the white eyes. The body suddenly retreated. It was only when I looked further that I found that the white-eyed man was the figure carved from wood wrapped in bronze that Chief Wang had brought with him not long ago. The portrait has not changed much at the moment. Only the eyes on the facial features were particularly cold, waving their limbs, looking at the sky ferociously, and roaring in a low voice. Strong resentment emanated from its body and turned into extreme cold on its face. Sang Niang looked up and met Bian Cangyue's slightly sad face in the moonlight. When did he begin to look so sad? Sang Niang was in a trance for a moment. He had already staggered his eyes. His tone was calm: "This is dead wood." "What?" "In ancient times,artificial plant wall panels, nobles would bury a large number of living people after their death." Bian Cangyue spoke slowly: "The sorcerers will lock the ghosts of the buried people on the despotic bronze wooden figures to prevent them from taking revenge on the families of the nobles.". The wood used to make the bronze wooden figure was originally the fire wood that grew in the burning fire. Wrapped in bronze painted with charms, the ghosts can be locked tightly and immortal. It's just that thousands of grievances have accumulated over the years. Even the fire and wood could not bear it, and Yang Qi was gradually exhausted. The wooden body is eroded. In addition, the bronze spell was gradually obliterated and lost its original function. This wood will burst out the strong resentment accumulated by those ghosts. They only want to be reincarnated or occupy other bodies as human beings. If such dead wood falls into the hands of a conscientious person, it will also become a very useful tool. It can instill the soul and make it look like a dead soul. Sang Niang looked down. The dead wood raised its head and stared at the sky, and the original low roar quieted down. All of a sudden, dark red blood flowed from the seven orifices. Not good Bian Cangyue frowned and said, "This is the Gore of countless rotting corpses.". If it is contaminated by any living creature, there will be a massive outbreak of plague! Bian Cangyue hugged Sang Niang tightly with her left hand. With a wave of her right hand, outdoor palm trees ,Faux cherry blossom tree, a long blue sword appeared in the palm of his hand, but the surface was suffused with a faint golden light: "Sang Niang, if this thing is not removed, it will do great harm.". Hold me tight. Be careful. Biancang moon eyes slightly congealed, the pale golden light of the sword in his hand suddenly rose, as if he could hear a burst of violent wind and waves, straight to the ground seven orifices bleeding dead wood. The light approached the body of the dead wood, and the bronze on its surface, which had already been rusted, cracked and cracked, and suddenly there were cobweb-like cracks on its surface. The dead wood hissed, as if realizing that he was no match for the man, and suddenly turned around and fled. Its movements are stiff and flexible, the whole piece of wood can not twist too much, but the speed of escape is as agile as a leopard. Dead wood is castrated quickly and fiercely. As soon as he turned around, he crashed through the courtyard wall and fled to the front hall. Bian Cangyue held Sang Niang's hand tightly and did not chase her forward. The road leading to the front hall was bumpy and surging, and in a twinkling of an eye, countless huge bluegrass leaves with the same faint golden light broke through the soil, blocking the way of the dead wood and surrounding it. The dead wood neighed and was forced back by the pale golden light on the surface of the leaves. It did not give up breaking through to the side and was forced back again. Every time it was forced back, its body became more and more broken, watching the bronze on the surface has been broken bit by bit, revealing the dry and rotten inside, part of which has become a gray-white powder of wood. A cloud-like light floated through the air and rushed into the blue grass leaves with lightning speed, disappearing into the body of the dead wood. There was a sudden burst of light on the dead wood. When the light dissipated, the decayed wood turned into a teenage boy, who had been found by Songsong before. The little boy's face was covered with blood and his body was covered with wounds. He screamed and was bounced back by the pale golden light again. Then he burst into tears on the spot: "Wow.." Help "Wow." Bian Cangyue frowned. He wanted to do it again, but Sang Niang suddenly pulled him: "Mr. Bian, that's a child!" Bian Cangyue lowered her head, looked at the frightened Sang Niang in her arms, took away the green sword in her hand,large artificial blossom trees, and gathered up a body of light and gently fell to the ground. The golden bluegrass leaves slowly disappeared from the night sky as the Biancang moon fell to the ground. Muer sat in the same place, wiping his eyes and sobbing intermittently. Bian Cangyue dropped her hand to the ground and stopped at Sang Niang's waist. Then she took it back lightly and looked at the crying Muer on the ground in a twinkling of an eye. "Where did you come from?" I.. I do not know Muer sobbed and dared not look at Bian Cangyue's face. He looked up pitifully and quickly at Sang Niang and lowered his head: "I.." I do not know "Muer, go!" 。