Ling Duyu Series-Huang Yi _ txt Novel Paradise

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Ling Duyu Series-Huang Yi _ txt Novel ParadiseLing Duyu Series-Huang Yi _ txt Novel ParadiseLing Duyu Series-Huang Yi _ txt Novel ParadiseLing Duyu Series-Huang Yi _ txt Novel Paradise

Ling Duyu could no longer control himself. He forgot the keyboard and shouted, "Oh, my God, how can you know in such detail?" But the "Savior" answered on the screen as if he had heard him speak: "Because I am the all-knowing Savior." After a pause, he continued, "Nobufei's primary target is the major financial institutions around the country.". Every large criminal group is itself a financial force to be reckoned with. Money laundering is a top priority after they get huge amounts of money from all kinds of illegal activities, including large investments in legitimate businesses and the transfer of large amounts of money in illegal transactions. Computer blackmail is the way of making money that Ye Xiongfei dreams of. Nothing can bring more serious losses than computer viruses. It can also attack opponents and paralyze all normal operations of others due to malicious destruction of data. Ye Xiongfei is now plotting to carry out such a terrorist act against the Seeker, and is close to success. Zhuo Chuyuan appeared at the entrance. "What are you shouting about when you get up early in the morning?" Jiao said? Oh! He threw himself behind his chair and stared at the words on the screen. Those fonts turn into blood-red tears, flow to the bottom of the screen, and then disappear. Finally, I typed "Goodbye". ※※※ As soon as Lingdu Yufu stepped out of the customs, he saw Shen Ling, a "wild eagle" who could never be pushed down and was as magnificent as Yuezhi. He still had a golden beard and golden mane, a gentle temperament that could make others fall, and an unlit small cigar in his mouth. His hands were in the dark building pocket, his collar was upside down, his expression was as good as ever, and his eyes were flashing with deep feelings and smiles. Ling Duyu cried out, put down his luggage, hugged him tightly, patted each other on the back, and looked at each other's faces. Shen Ling effortlessly lifted his heavy carry-on luggage, took his arm in the other hand, and walked toward the parking lot with a smile. Ling Duyu scolded him rudely, "How dare you abandon Hailanna? I want to settle accounts with you. If I had known at that time, I would have done it, so as not to expose you to natural treasures." Shen Xi sighed, "I'm a wild monkey whose head can't be tied. I always look around for exciting things. The more I risk my life, the more I like to do them. But she's a fairy who doesn't eat human fireworks. She can sit cross-legged for three ***ing days and two ***ing nights." Ling Duyu said, "No one understands your differences better than I do. I thought I could change you with her charm. But will it make her sad if you leave her like this?" Shen Ling said with a wry smile, "On the surface, I can't see that she was hurt by this, but she didn't say a word to me from that day until she signed the divorce paper." "Hey, don't talk about her, do you remember Yunyulan?"? She is still the most popular actress in India. She recently went to Hollywood to make a movie. Maybe she will meet her on the street. Speaking like this is most in line with Shen Ling's status as an adventurer. At this time, the man came to the four-wheel drive of the powerful climbing roller coaster, Slate Wall Panel ,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, with a motorcycle on the roof. Shen Ling dropped her luggage into the back seat and got into the driver's seat. "Of course," said Ling Duyu as he got into the car! Who can forget such a beautiful woman? Shen Ling started the engine and exclaimed, "I can't forget it because I haven't got it yet."! You guys can't lie to me. Alas! The last sigh was obviously a feeling for Hailana. The roller coaster is on the highway, and every car passes by. It is drizzling in San Francisco in the middle of winter. "Have you ever heard of the'Savior '?" Ling Duyu asked, surveying the scenery that was quickly receding to both sides. Shen Ling said, "Are you talking about the guy who is a hundred times better than any computer expert, who seems to be proficient in all the blind languages in the world, and who boasts of omnipotence and omniscience?"? Alas! Ling Duyu then said what had happened that day, and heard Shen Ling beat her chest and stamped her feet, shouting that "the savior" was unfair to the world, and at the same time, she was shocked. Is he really the second coming? The first took place in 4 BC when a child named Jesus was born in a manger in the city of Bethlehem. Shen Ling suddenly shoveled the car up the grassy slope beside the expressway, braked the car, turned away, and said in a deep voice, "Do you know what the speed of the fastest modem is now?" Demodulator is the hardware that connects the computer to the telephone line, without which the computer cannot "surf the Internet". Ling Duyu understood what he meant and spread out his hands: "It seems to be 64,000 bps!" Shen Ling sighed, "That's not the problem. The most important thing is the speed of the telephone line itself. No matter how fast the demodulator is, the speed is still determined by the maximum speed of the telephone line.". At present, only TV lines can reach that high speed. After a pause, he took a deep breath and then went on to say, "One day before the faster line is used, the 15-minute audio-visual data you just mentioned can't be input into your computer in more than two hours at the current line speed, but the Savior finished it in 15 minutes, which means that he has a way to improve the speed of the line." Or you don't have to send information over the wire at all. Ling Duyu has already thought about this problem. A high-resolution picture is equivalent to 50,000 words. If the picture is to be fluent and of high quality, the image should not be less than the standard of 30 frames per second, that is to say, the "Savior" must be transmitted at the speed of at least 1500000 words per second, so that he can see that kind of moving animation, coupled with music, that is more than a hundred times the amazing speed of today's general rapid communication. Shen Ling pushed open the car door and went out. Ling Duyu did not know what he was going to do and followed him out. Just as Shen Ling was about to unload the powerful motorcycle on the top, she muttered, "If only he were the savior. Old Ling, you should retire early and accompany me to find Noah's Ark. Isn't it much more interesting to have him in charge of redemption in this world?"? "God!" Shen Ling stared at Ling Duyu, who wondered, "I'm not a woman. What's there to see?" Shen Ling's beard shook and he said, "Next time you look for him, Lao Tzu must be present. Since he is an omniscient God,Grey Marble Slab, he can naturally tell me about Noah's Ark." Shen Ling got on the motorcycle and turned the throttle violently, and the engine roared. Ling Du Yuqi said, "Didn't you send me to Lanzhi's luxurious residence?"? Now change your mind and go to the Green Patch? 。