God of War of the Three Kingdoms

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God of War of the Three KingdomsGod of War of the Three KingdomsGod of War of the Three Kingdoms

Fifteen people's murderous look permeated the house, condensed into a powerful and violent killing machine, straight into the sky. At this time, far in front of the carriage, Feng Sha suddenly felt something, his hand pressed the hilt of the sword, and his eyes showed the color of vigilance. Such a powerful murderous look seems to be sent out by more than ten people. These people are extremely tough and domineering. So many strongmen gathered together, what is the plot? He wanted to get out of the carriage to see what was going on, but in the back of the carriage, the heavy palace door was already closed. Feng Sha sat back in his seat, secretly alert in his heart. The carriage entered the palace and went straight to the queen mother's bedroom. Feng Sha got out of the car in front of the Empress Dowager's Palace, but found that He Hou was not in the palace. He was surprised, so he came out and walked slowly to the Empress's bedroom. As soon as he reached the door, he heard a faint sob in the room, which was the voice of Tang Fei. Feng Sha pushed the door open and saw the beautiful young woman, dressed in a goose-yellow palace dress, lying on her pillow and crying. When she heard him coming, she raised her head and showed a charming face like a pear flower with rain, a pitiful look. Feng Sha walked slowly past, but saw He Hou sitting aside, looking at him with a half-smile, sighing: "You did a good thing!" Seal sand in the heart slightly frightened, he Hou or the first time to speak in this tone, is what happened? He went to the bed and sat down to embrace the queen. Before he could ask, the queen threw herself into his arms and burst into tears until her heart was broken. Tears fell like petals and soaked his chest. Feng Sha asked patiently,Inflatable water park factory, but she shook her head and refused to say, just crying. Feng Sha had no choice but to turn his head and look at Empress Dowager He, only to see that she had already jumped onto the bed. She hugged Feng Sha tightly from behind, bit his ear, and said in a charming voice, "You are a pest!"! Now that she's pregnant with your child, what do you say? Feng Sha froze. Although he had thought about the possibility, he did not expect the day to come so suddenly. After a moment's silence, he said in a deep voice,large inflatable water slide, "I'll take her away!" Tang Hou hugged him tightly, tears like rain, and her eyes were full of gratitude. He Hou pursed her lips and said angrily, "What about me?"? Did you leave me alone? "Let's leave together and live where no one knows!" Feng Sha answered calmly. Empress He beamed, put her lips close to the cherry, and offered a sweet kiss. "You don't have to bother," she said. "It's just the blood of the Son of Heaven. Who else dares to say it's not?" When she had not left Luoyang, she had hoped that Tang Fei could give birth to a child for Liu Bian and inherit the throne in the future. But at the moment her heart is tied to seal the sand body, and said seal the sand is the Han clan, his child is counted as a prince, also nothing. Seeing that Feng Sha was willing to leave the court for them now, he was even more moved, and that little jealous thought was thrown out of the sky. Feng Sha was in a daze again, shaking his head and refusing. "Don't you want to pacify the world and save the people?" He said in a charming voice? If you leave the court for us, how can you realize your ambition? With a deep sigh, Feng Sha had to stop thinking about it. He Hou smiled and asked Dong Cheng how beautiful her sister was. Feng Sha answered a few words indifferently, then said no more and pulled down the luxurious clothes of the queen mother. That night, Feng Sha slept in the bedroom of the Empress of the Tang Dynasty, inflatable air dancer ,Inflatable mechanical bull, and was extremely happy with the two empresses. He cherished Tang Hou's first pregnancy in his heart, so he refused to release himself in her body, and only let He Hou bear most of the attacks. He Hou is never tired of it, a pair of jade legs tightly wrapped around his waist, reluctant to let go of him all night, as if to squeeze him dry to be satisfied. ※ ※ ※ The next morning, Huang Shang came out of the room after reading the memorial, only to feel a little bored in his heart. According to the intelligence sent last night, the fourteen way Kanto governors often have close contacts, behavior treacherous, and only their efforts to woo Tao Qian, marten, sun chien, Kong Rong four town governors did not participate in their affairs. Those vassals, what is the plot? His giffin although hold the intelligence organization, but because it is a new agency, also did not have time to set up spies in the minister's home, many secrets can not come out. Chen Liu Wang Liu Xie seems to be a little strange, according to intelligence, he once went out alone, although two hours later came back, but where he was in those two hours, with whom, are not clear. The captain of the guard stationed in Chen Liuwangfu had obviously been bribed by Liu Xie, otherwise he would not have released Liu Xie from the mansion and tried to cover up the facts. In a fit of rage, he was sent to work as a coolie in a newly built coal mine, and when he was arrested, he confiscated more property than his ten-year military salary. Unscrupulous brain to see the money, then feel that things are not good, immediately sent coppage troops stationed in Chen Liuwangfu, Liu Xie firmly under guard. Remembering the fourteen princes, the unscrupulous wise man stood in the courtyard, scratching his head, and said angrily in his heart, "These guys dare to play tricks behind my back. I really don't know how to write the word" death "!"! "If you annoy me, I'll have them all killed and see who dares to rebel!" Suddenly he sighed again. He shook his head and said to himself, "No. If you kill a minister without proof, you will create a centrifugal force in the world. Talented people will not come to me.". By the way, why doesn't Guo Jia come? Is there something wrong? The seventy-seventh chapter is on heroes by cooking wine with dried plums (I). Thinking about it, he decided to get the most dangerous people to explore the scenery first, so he sent Yang Xiu out to invite some people to drink at Taifu Mansion. Yang Xiu yawned, reluctantly, but was driven out by several generals with big sticks, and had to pout his mouth. Not long, Cao Cao, Liu Bei has come, Lombardi is not sick. Huang Shang personally went down to the hall and stood in front of Cao Cao, staring at him, blinking, almost laughing out loud. Although Cao Cao is a heroic momentum, it is a pity that he is too short, almost shorter than Huang Shang. Huang Shang looked down at him, a sense of pride, only feel very great, at least in front of Cao Cao is so. He stroked his beard lightly,Inflatable outdoor park, hid the sly smile on his face, and said kindly, "Meng De is really a hero in the world. Even Napoleon in the West is far less magnificent than Meng De." 。 joyshineinflatables.com