Prehistoric biography text

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Prehistoric biography textPrehistoric biography textPrehistoric biography text

At this moment, many gods in the Kunlun Mountains have already locked the place where Lingbao was born in the Shuimu Cave. And Shuimu Cave Heaven at this time there is no cave owner, these gods also have no scruples, all poured in. The original gods in the cave could not resist the temptation of Lingbao and went to the central island to kill, while the fast gods took the lead in the center of the island. That thief! Hand over Lingbao quickly, and I'll spare you from death! The God who was the first to reach the center of the island saw the East King standing in front of a brilliant energy group, and decided in his heart that it was Lingbao, which was now being shaped. So he shouted to the East King on one side. Since his birth, his words and deeds have been open and aboveboard! To this day, it is someone who regards himself as a thief, which is ridiculous! Pity that you have also been given the chance to become a great Luo Jinxian. You have also experienced the test of the thunder plunder of heaven and earth. You are also a strong elite in the prehistoric universe. But recently, when Lingbao came out, the disaster came, and so on unknown days, it should be turned into ashes. The East King sighed to the God who had arrived first and said softly. When the God heard the words of the East King, his face changed and he was about to speak, but suddenly he found that he was imprisoned and could not move. And just above his head, the fireball, like the sun, suddenly fell down,Inflatable water obstacle course, turning the first God to the center of the island into ashes. Wait for the fire to disperse, then there is no small sun, ah, in the position of the God, is now standing a few feet square size of the peak, this is the East King refined weapon to kill Jiuyang Peak! The many gods outside the island saw that the small sun floating in the middle of the island had fallen, and they all knew in their hearts that there must be a God who got there first and entered the central island, so they could not help speeding up a few minutes. But how could they know that what was waiting for them in the center of the island was not the innate Lingbao,inflatable amusement park, but the angry East King? As early as entering the cave world, the actions of those gods made the East King move to kill. But at that time, the East King was eager to enter the center of the island to understand the source of fragrance, so he spared them once. It's just that although these gods have extraordinary aptitude, they lack good fortune after all, and they don't want to fight for Lingbao. In this way, how can the King of the East forgive lightly? Kill a God, although there is a cause and effect to add to the body, but just a mole ant cause and effect, how can the East King put into the eyes? What's more, after the death of the gods, the essence returns to heaven and earth, and heaven and earth have a merit to the East King, so that the cause and effect brought about by the absorption of the spirit of heaven and earth can be eliminated. It was said that Pangu Sanqing had left the world of the cave filled with the air of Qingqing and immediately fled to the east. On the way, inflatable floating water park ,inflatable castle with slide, Pangu Sanqing also saw many gods going to the place where Lingbao was born. It's just that each of these gods has the evil spirit of blood on their heads, but they all have the disaster of falling! "Pity these gods, who have experienced the teacher's great kindness, experienced the baptism of heaven's thunder plunder, and finally achieved the body of Da Luo Jinxian.". But now because of the number of days can not see, and there is the disaster of falling, lamentable ah! When Taishang Taoist saw this behind the scenes, he shook his head and said. What Big Brother said is very true. Each of these gods has extraordinary aptitude, but it is because of a bad idea that they have fallen. We are predestined to live in the same mountain with them. We should save him! Yuqing Taoist likes people with extraordinary aptitude most. Now that he sees these gods only have the disaster of falling, he can't help feeling pity for them. Second Elder Martial Brother, that's not true! The teacher once said that the road is hard to find, and opportunity is paramount. For example, we Pangu gods can only have today's achievements because we inherit the legacy of Pangu gods. I saw that although these gods, as the Second Elder Martial Brother said, had extraordinary aptitudes, their good fortune was very poor, and their minds were not right, which led to today's disaster. Shangqing Taoist has a different view. Hearing the words of the Taoist, the Taoist agreed, while the Yuqing Taoist on one side was silent. For a moment, Sanqing was speechless and rushed to the direction of Shuiyue Dongtian. But suddenly, Pangu Sanqing frowned at the same time and stopped moving forward. This is because a strong breath of Pangu God came from that direction. If put in peacetime, Pangu Sanqing will naturally be very happy, go to meet one or two. But now, this Lingbao was born, and many gods have fallen, which is obviously what this Pangu God did. Pangu Sanqing naturally could not hurt the friendship between Pangu gods for the sake of these ants, so he could only stop and see how the situation would develop. Unexpectedly, how lucky this small East Kunlun Mountain is to be able to make several Pangu gods visit! Yuqing Taoist opened his mouth lightly and said, but he had exposed the embarrassing situation just now. After all, the three brothers come out together, and a little language debate naturally can't hurt the harmony. This Pangu deity is worth making friends with. Second Elder Martial Brother, please have a look! Shangqing Taoist's eyes were like torches, and suddenly he found that the light of blood rising from the sky above the heads of the gods passing around was greatly weakened, and now it was already inaudible. There's no need to guess. The Taoist Yuqing also understood that it was the God Pangu who felt that he was the same as Pangu, so he put away his intention to kill these gods. So good, we Pangu gods are not bloodthirsty after all! Taiqing Taoist also said lightly that since Pangu God, who had never met before, had given them face, what if they Pangu Sanqing waited for a moment outside the Shuimu Cave? In the Shuimu Cave, the King of the East clearly sensed the arrival of Pangu Sanqing. We are all Pangu gods, but the breath between each other is the best to recognize. When Pangu Sanqing sensed him, he also felt Pangu Sanqing. Since Pangu Sanqing respected the friendship between Pangu gods, he was naturally not a heartless and unrighteous person. Why not sell a face to Pangu Sanqing? Although the disaster of the gods who came in from outside the mountain was greatly weakened, the thousands of big Luo Jinxian who had been in the cave before did not have such good luck. The gods outside the mountain had not yet entered, but the gods inside the cave were in the center of the island,Inflatable 5k obstacle, facing the East King. It's you! When the leader saw the East King, his face changed, and he immediately saw that the nameless God in front of him was the Sanxiu who they thought had been killed.