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Now Shen Zilie has vaguely realized that Chen Changjun's vigilance against Lu Weimin is more like preventing the rapid expansion of Lu Weimin's influence and discourse power

"Shazhou District is under the eyes of the Municipal Party Committee, and it is responsible for the future development of the urban area. Its geographical location is also very important. Director Yue seems to have served in Shazhou, and he is no stranger to the situation of Shazhou." Lu Weimin whispered. Shang Quanzhi glanced at Lu Weimin, but didn't say much. "So, Chang Jun, you list Ai Wenya and Lei Zhihu as the objects to be considered. The secretary will discuss them again at the meeting to determine the candidates." The meeting finally broke up, Lu Weimin some regret, knowing that today is not a good time to speak, but Lu Weimin still did not hold back. It's not how much selfishness he has, but he felt that Ai Wenya was really not suitable for the position of secretary of the county Party committee. Ai Wenya was the deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Education before, and later transferred to the deputy secretary of the county Party committee of Yehe. He was promoted from the deputy secretary to the Secretary of the county party committee. Although he was calm in character, Lu Weimin learned through Zhou Suquan that Ai Wenya's character was somewhat negative, and lacked a kind of domineering. It doesn't matter in Yehe, it's even an advantage, but it may not be appropriate in the environment of Su. It is out of this kind of mind, Lu Weimin will know may want to offend Chen Changjun, also want to express their views, this is related to the future situation of Su Wei,rapid sand filters, but this offended Chen Changjun, Zhou Suquan can not be promoted to the executive deputy director of the city public security Bureau is some hanging, Chen Changjun if you want to make bad obstacles, Zhou Suquan to promotion, it is quite difficult. Ask for a monthly ticket again. There are only two days left. Hurry to vote! (To be continued.) Volume 10 Infinite Scenery in the Dangerous Peak Section 113 Overall View, Control Power "For the people, don't you know that Yue Weibin is the in-laws of Chen Tairan,MBR reactor, the former executive vice-minister of the provincial Party Committee Organization Department?" In the corridor, Shen Zilie and Lu Weimin went downstairs side by side, and when they reached the Publicity Department, Shen Zilie lowered his voice and whispered. Ah Lu Weimin was taken aback and shook his head. "I really don't know." Chen Tairan is now the Secretary General of the Anhui Provincial Committee. Although he has not yet served as the Standing Committee of the Provincial Committee, it is estimated that he will serve as the Standing Committee of the Anhui Provincial Committee after the 15th National Congress. I heard that Yue Weibin's daughter and Chen Tairan's son are college classmates. They have already got a marriage certificate, but they haven't had a banquet yet. Shen Zilie smiled, "although we don't know much about this in Songzhou, I think you should know it. Many people in the province know it." Lu Weimin sighed in his heart that the ways of the world of the Chinese people are really too complicated, and this indirect relationship can also be pulled up, but you can't say that there is no reason for the way here. Maybe Chen Tairan will fight back one day and serve as the organization minister of the provincial party committee or even the deputy secretary of the provincial party committee. Can you make it clear? This is an opportunity to benefit but not to pull the relationship, why not? Of course, Chen Tairan is a little far away from himself, but Chen Changjun's side is really offended. Fortunately, fine bubble diffuser ,Dissolved Gas Flotation, he saw the opportunity quickly and pushed Yue Weibin again. But in that case, the posture was too obvious to hide from Shang Quanzhi and Tong Yunsong. Secretary Tong doesn't know about this relationship? Lu Weimin and Shen Zilie went to the office and sat down, and Xiao Zhou of the Ministry Office had already brewed the tea with a smile. Yes, but I'm afraid Secretary Tong doesn't care too much about that. Shen Zilie hesitated for a moment and then added, "Secretary Shao didn't have a good relationship with Chen Tairan when he was deputy secretary. Chen Tairan had a good chance to directly join the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee of our province, but because of Secretary Shao's opposition, he was forced to leave Changjiang. I'm afraid Secretary Tong is also very clear about this relationship." Lu Weimin shook his head repeatedly, and the relationship here became more and more complicated. Lu Weimin felt headache. Shang Quanzhi is probably the only one who doesn't care about these factors, as the secretary of the municipal party committee. He needs to consider more macro issues, as long as these specific factors are not the main leadership greeting, I am afraid he will not attach too much importance, everything has to be considered around the current work in Songzhou. Secretary Shen. I really didn't think so much about it, but to tell the truth, Ai Wenya is a little more feminine. It may not be seen in small counties like Yehe and Xita, where the situation is not too complicated, but Su is a big county. But also faced with so many problems, I think Ai Wenya is not appropriate, really want to make a mistake to correct, that is a pity, we do not need to try this step, even if the training of cadres, should not choose this opportunity. Lu Weimin is very calm. Shen Zilie does not speak, Chen Changjun to Lu Weimin's cold he has long been aware of, before he thought Chen Changjun is because and Lu Weimin is not familiar with the reasons for not understanding, but with the increase of contact. Shen Zilie found that Chen Changjun had a kind of guard against Lu Weimin in his bones, which made Shen Zilie very puzzled and did not understand why Chen Changjun had such a mentality towards Lu Weimin. In his view, Lu Weimin is the most suitable and most firm ally, and Lu Weimin's joining also proves this point, but this has not changed Chen Changjun's view of Lu Weiming at all. Now Shen Zilie has vaguely realized that Chen Changjun's vigilance against Lu Weimin is more like preventing the rapid expansion of Lu Weimin's influence and discourse power, especially possibly shaking his position in the mind of Shang Quanzhi, which is more like a kind of jealousy or the mentality of competing for favor, which makes Shen Zilie feel a little unspeakable. At least Chen Changjun has never had such a defensive mentality towards himself, which seems to be explained by Chen Changjun's view of himself as a closer core. But on the other hand, it can also be considered that Chen Changjun felt that he did not pose a threat to him, but Lu Weimin appeared to let Chen Changjun like a formidable enemy, what is this? Think of here Shen Zilie heart also can not help but wry smile, Lu Weimin this boy will not go anywhere. It's impossible to ignore his presence. For the people, don't think too much. Secretary Shang knows who is suitable and who is not. Who thinks he can fool Secretary Shang's eyes. Then he's wrong. Shen Zilie smiled slightly, "I believe you can see that, too." Lu Weimin heart a Rin, Shen Zilie is not simple, here inside the door also see clearly,rotary vacuum disc filters, maybe the reason why Shang Quanzhi first asked for his own advice is to knock Chen Changjun don't play too much careful thinking, he is just used by Shang Quanzhi, when a gun leader.