The villain is helping me with my homework again.

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But there are also netizens with a keen sense of smell who have found something wrong, but they have not attracted much attention.

Gu Yanfeng stretched out two fingers to tickle her: "Crabs bite, do you know?" Jiang Mi could not stand this, Gu Yanfeng's fingers had not touched her, she could not help laughing first, but also could not stop laughing, out of breath to twist the body, like a mollusk without a spine. Two people now this posture, originally close to each other, Jiang Mi a twist is equivalent to the ignition on Gu Yanfeng. She herself did not realize it at first, but when she felt strange, she was too frightened to move. As soon as she looked up, she happened to be facing Gu Yanfeng's eyes with sparks. Jiang Mi suddenly had a dry mouth. She bit her lower lip and tried to slip out of Gu Yanfeng's arms. After Gu Yanfeng waited for her to slide down, he suddenly turned over and directly trapped himself between himself and the seat. Although the space of this car is already very big, but again big, also is in the car after all, Gu Yanfeng's tall body almost occupied the space completely. Poor and petite Jiang Mi even had no place to hide, so he could only carefully stretch out his fingers to support his chest: "Don't make trouble, this is in the car." "I know." Gu Yanfeng's breath was burning. "Isn't it just right in the car?"? No one can see it. Jiang Mi reminded, "Brother Luo.." "He can't hear or see. Look if you don't believe me." Gu Yanfeng gave way to the side. Only then did Jiang Mi notice that Luo Jiang did not know what had raised the partition in the car, cutting off the line of sight before and after. Jiang Mi: ".." She blushed, lowered her eyes, and her long eyelashes quivered. Gu Yanfeng felt so itchy that he lowered his head to block the gorgeous red lips in front of his eyes. After a long time, the car stopped and Gu Yanfeng let go of Jiang Mi. Jiang Mi's cheeks were red, her lips were slightly swollen, her eyes were light red, and her eyes were covered with a layer of mist,warehouse storage racks, like a red rose with dew, which was particularly attractive. Gu Yanfeng used a lot of strength to take his eyes off her face, then found a mask and put it on for her personally. It's not convenient for me now. Gu Yanfeng confessed and said frankly, "I won't send you down." Jiang Mi was kissed by him so that his mind went blank, and then he noticed that the car had already arrived at the school. But the parking lot is still a little distance from the dormitory, she was very embarrassed, eyes swept Gu Yanfeng's body, and hurriedly avoided: "No need to send, I, I went down, bye bye." Gu Yanfeng nodded and straightened out her slightly messy hair: "Go, be careful on the way." Jiang Mi promised, pushed open the door and jumped out of the car. Mi Mi. Gu Yanfeng suddenly stopped her again. Jiang Mi looked back at him. "What's wrong?" Gu Yanfeng said, "Shall we make it public?" Chapter 993 93 Jiang Mi was startled. "What did you say?" "You don't want to?" Gu Yanfeng looked down at her. Jiang Mi shook his head. "It's not that I don't want to, High Density Storage Drive In Rack ,Automated warehouse systems, but.." "As long as you want to." Gu Yanfeng whispered, "Don't think too much, give me to deal with, I will not directly open, step by step, to minimize the impact on netizens." Jiang Mi believed in his ability and nodded. Gu Yanfeng looked at Jiang Mi's eyes and asked seriously, "It's just that if you make it public, you will be under a lot of pressure.". Have you made up your mind? Jiang Mi also looked into his eyes and answered very seriously: "I have decided to make it public." Although just started to fall in love, but they also get along for a year, Jiang Mi felt that there was no contradiction between her and Gu Yanfeng, can get along for a lifetime. Besides, they were already engaged. There is no impermeable wall in the world. If you hide it from the public, one day you will be punctured and have a reputation of lying, you might as well choose to make it public at the beginning. Gu Yanfeng is very happy: "Ok, I will arrange, you go back." When Jiang Mi returned to the dormitory, she was hugged by Xie Xiaoxuan and cried out, "Young grandmother, are you still short of pendants?"? Cute and cute, the kind that can blow rainbow farts! Jiang Mi: ".." The two men talked for a long time and hurried to sleep when the lights went out. Mi Mi. In the darkness, Xie Xiaoxuan suddenly sat up from the bed. Jiang Mi was startled: "What's wrong?" "You're on the hot search again!" Xie Xiaoxuan said. Jiang Mi just said good night with Gu Yanfeng, at this time the heart jumped, afraid that Gu Yanfeng brain fever, directly announced the love. She clicked into Weibo and found that she was on the hot search, but not announcing her relationship. But tonight, Gu Yanfeng's car entered the school, and she was wearing Gu Yanfeng's mask. I don't know who took the picture and posted it on the Internet. Comments are still normal, saying that Gu Yanfeng is Jiang Mi's brother, it is normal to send her back to school, by the way, blowing a wave of Gu teacher warm man. But there are also netizens with a keen sense of smell who have found something wrong, but they have not attracted much attention. Jiang Mi felt guilty and couldn't help paying more attention, which suddenly realized something was wrong. These numbers are either small numbers, or many comments are copied and pasted, and there are inconsistencies. Generally speaking, it looks like the water army. Water army? Is it Gu Yanfeng? She quit Weibo and just wanted to ask Gu Yanfeng, Xie Xiaoxuan howled again. What's wrong now? Jiang Mi asked. Xie Xiaoxuan was so excited: "Teacher Gu sent a micro-blog!"! I'm dead! Aah! Aah! What are you doing? Is it public? Ah, ah, ah, ah. She has been incoherent, Jiang Mi re-entered Weibo, she paid attention to Gu Yanfeng, the first home page is his Weibo. Actor Gu Yanfeng: It's for men. I bought it when I was in junior high school. No one has worn it. Something happened to my family last night. Tangerine came in a hurry in her dress. Finally,push back racking system, she had to wear old clothes many years ago. She was really wronged. @ I have a pair of magical eyes: # Gu Yanfeng Jiang Mi # Only I can see that the clothes Jiang Mi is wearing are men's?] Jiang Mi blushed and clicked into the comments. [Aah! Aah! Teacher Gu posted a blog! So many words!] Is it Jiang Mi again? Why do I feel that Teacher Gu has been bound to Jiang Mi recently? If Mr. Gu doesn't reply, no one will find this comment, right? Why do I feel a little wrong? [My findings are not wrong. Gu can always find some magical comments in the corner.] 。