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They all wore thick down jackets and jeans tightly wrapped around their legs, which looked like two ostriches wandering from a distance. Yin Xiaotiao has never dated a man alone, especially with such a person who is "very close to the poet".

She said she would never have sex with these people on campus. She said they had no ideas, but she worshipped those who had emancipated their minds and had unique insights into society, those pioneers who could enlighten people's hearts. She fell in love with a pioneer who liberated her mind and body, turning her from a virgin into a.. A woman. Woman, do you understand? Yin Xiaotiao, you have the right to enjoy this. You already have this right, but you don't know. The top bunk described her experience of living with the pioneer, and she said, "Do you know who he is?"? You'll be shocked if you say it. She paused, as if waiting for Yin Xiaotiao's anxiety. Yin Xiaotiao was really encouraged by her words, and she couldn't wait to ask who it was! The upper bunk took a deep breath, and then, as if afraid of scaring someone away, she gently blew out a few words: "The author of the Zero Files." It was indeed blown out gently with air, not spoken with lips. Today, Yin Xiaotiao can still clearly remember the tense and hot breathing on the upper berth accompanied by the words "zero degree file". "Zero File" is a novel, which should be the representative of "scar literature", especially welcomed by young readers, and its author is naturally respected by them. At that time, people paid a lot of sincerity and enthusiasm for a novel and a person who wrote it. That passion may be childish and shallow,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, but it has a kind of innocence and purity that will never reappear. The upper berth will undoubtedly be the envy of Yin Xiaotiao, she should have stopped at this point, but she can not stop, she must share her secret happiness with others. She said, you know, he is not a mortal, he is a writer,mirror stainless steel sheet, a brilliant writer. Yin Xiaotiao, you know now, just now, I have a deep understanding of the word "overflow". She said that it was this brilliant writer who was so kind to me. One night I couldn't sleep and suddenly wanted to eat fruit peels, so I woke him up and asked him to go out and buy them for me. He really got up and rode his bicycle all over the city to find fruit peels for me. A brilliant writer went to buy fruit peels for me in the middle of the night! Did you hear that? Yin Xiaotiao, did you hear that? Are you still a virgin? Yin Xiaotiao are you still a virgin? If you still want it, you will lose too much. Don't you think you're too late? What a loser you are. Chapter I Premarital Examination 2 Yin Xiaotiao did not know why the upper berth had to put the fruit peony bark and the virgin together, as if whoever wanted to be a virgin did not deserve to eat the fruit peony bark. She also felt harsh about the "finally" of "I am not a virgin at last", and felt a kind of confusion and impetuosity. In any case, that "finally" should not be the highest hope for youth on the upper berth. Maybe that's her exaggeration. When one era is eager to replace another, everything will be exaggerated, everything, from a novel to a virgin. But the passion and excitement of the upper berth still infected Yin Xiaotiao. Under the chatter of the upper berth, she was like a muddleheaded, 304 Stainless Steel Sheet ,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, stupid, imbecile and uncivilized village girl, a silly 250 who could not keep up with the times and let her youth drift down the river. It was indeed an era of ideological emancipation, emancipation and emancipation. With Yin Xiaotiao wrapped in the tide, she seemed to be pulled by the upper berth, scolded, laughed and pointed out, and her body seemed to be filled with fresh and ambiguous desires. So she had to do something, even if her "to do" itself was a blind exaggeration. But what should she do? She is not in love, and there is no one on campus who is worth her trouble, so go out of the campus. One day the upper berth said that she wanted to introduce a person to Yin Xiaotiao. She said that although the person was not a writer or poet, he was very close to the poet, an editor of a poetry magazine. She said you would find it interesting to listen to his chat. She said that at a party, he read a poem called "My Butt" to everyone: "My Butt, my ass, why do I sit on the bourgeois side? The bench of the proletariat, I implore you, I implore you to accept my ignorant ass-even if it is a cold bench.. Yin Xiaotiao does not think that this can be called a poem, perhaps the author intends to imitate those who used to criticize themselves crazily at critical meetings. This "poem" only reminds Yin Xiaotiao of her buttocks subconsciously and the sneaky and proud time when she used the down pillow as a sofa. She had never heard of talking about buttocks in poetry. After all, not everyone has the momentum of Mao Zedong. He can write buttocks into poetry. She met with the editor, as if deliberately seeking a kind of excitement. After all, she was just a student, and the other was an editor of a poetry magazine. Editors are second only to writers, and only a little bit lower than writers. It was a cold night, in front of the gallery, they shook hands somewhat stiffly, introduced themselves to each other, and began to walk back and forth. They all wore thick down jackets and jeans tightly wrapped around their legs, which looked like two ostriches wandering from a distance. Yin Xiaotiao has never dated a man alone, especially with such a person who is "very close to the poet". When the two sides began to walk around somewhat stiffly, Yin Xiaotiao was the first to discover the meaninglessness of all this: "What is she doing?"? Where does she want to go? Didn't you tell her that the editor was a family man when you introduced him to her on the upper berth. She told her that she wanted her to relax, meaning that you could fall in love or not, without any mental burden-can't a man and a woman meet alone without falling in love? In a previous era, in the '60s or' 70s, it might have been ridiculous, but now it's different. From the point of view of the upper berth, it seems that only by letting an unmarried female student and a married male editor date constantly at night can we prove the openness of an era and the freedom of a person's body and mind. At this moment, she is helping her implement her idea through Yin Xiaotiao, a living person. Unfortunately, Yin Xiaotiao's body and mind did not feel free. She felt very nervous. When she was nervous, she would talk endlessly. She talked about the boys and girls in the class, the food in the canteen, and how the gentleman who talked about modern literature came into the classroom with his shirt wrongly buttoned. She talked in a hustling, hectic manner, as if she had no choice and no brain,304 Stainless Steel Wire, so she was not advanced, intelligent, interesting or humorous at all.